Summer's Desire

Summer s Desire A girl who has lost her voice and a boy who carries a world of anger bottled up inside A girl haunted by soul crushing guilt and regret and a boy who knows he can t afford the weakness of feeling no

  • Title: Summer's Desire
  • Author: Olivia Lynde
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A girl who has lost her voice, and a boy who carries a world of anger bottled up inside.A girl haunted by soul crushing guilt and regret, and a boy who knows he can t afford the weakness of feeling not if he is to survive.Summer and Seth meet by chance and become unlikely friends In each other, they find a safe haven and respite from the darkness haunting them both UnA girl who has lost her voice, and a boy who carries a world of anger bottled up inside.A girl haunted by soul crushing guilt and regret, and a boy who knows he can t afford the weakness of feeling not if he is to survive.Summer and Seth meet by chance and become unlikely friends In each other, they find a safe haven and respite from the darkness haunting them both Until they are betrayed.Can they ever regain their friendship And if they do, can they trust each other enough to take the biggest risk of all falling in love Genre Mature YA New Adult, RomanceAlternate cover edition, ASIN B00BXSSJJC

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      Olivia Lynde has been in love with books for as long as she can remember She is a computer scientist by profession and, in between developing computer software and reading too many novels, she is now pursuing her dream of writing her own stories.

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    • SPOILER FREE REVIEW -mature content reader discretion is advised.3 STARS out of 5Genre: YA Romance-Mature'I can understand this, truly I can. He's popular, handsome, headed for a successful future. He can have anything he wants in the world. So why should he want me by his side? I have nothing to offer him but myself: an orphaned, nightmare-plagued, messed-up wreck of a girl.' ~SummerIn Summer's desire we get alternating pov's from both the Hero and heroine but the book is mostly told through th [...]

    • Before I begin writing my review of Summer's Desire, I would like to say this:I don't usually write any reviews on this site (this is actually my first one yet). This is Because I am a student and therefore don’t have much free time and because I really enjoy reading so I want to save at least some of my free time for reading (because I truly can’t imagine how I would live without it). so when I finish one book, no matter how much I like it or how much effect it has one me, I immediately sta [...]

    • Read more reviews on my blog Like me on FacebookSummer’s Desire by Olivia Lynde captured my attention from the very beginning. It is a sweet, but sad-depressing story about childhood sweethearts who are force to separate and reunite five years later. The story was also very touching; I definitely shed a tear or two while I was reading.In Summer’s Desire you will meet Seth and Summer; two young people who were brought together by their traumatic and sad childhoods. Seth has been raised off an [...]

    • Otroligt bra bok! Språket var väldigt vacker och genomtänkt. Det fanns inget onödigt drama mellan huvudkaraktärerna utan de var mest rak på sak, vilket jag gillade. Jessica is a fucking bitch, samma med Josh. Summers story var väldigt gripande och sorgligt. Väldigt viktigt att faktiskt veta hur mycket en person kan lida av en sådana här händelse, men ändå är godhjärtad i slutändan. Summer ville inte någon något ont (ha, förutom josh och jessica då) även fast hon blev mött a [...]

    • My thoughts: Every now and then I stumble across a book that I never intend to read and this was one of them. I was fortunate to win a copy of this story through a giveaway and was forewarned that this book is not for everyone. That being said, my first thought was to set it back down my TBR list but I was wanting a challenge yesterday morning and just decided to pick up and read it. My curiosity just got the best of me so to say, what can possibly make a story marked as "not for everyone"? I co [...]

    • My Rating: 4 StarsMy Thoughts:I’ve read quite a lot of stories with the plot friends-to-romance but I must say that this is the best one I have read so far! The writing was wonderful, as where the characters and their passionate story. The chemistry between Summer and Seth took my breath away! From the very start of the story you get an insight into their childhood, which were both full of overwhelming sorrow. Summer was damaged after seeing both her parents brutally murdered at the age of fiv [...]

    • This one was a exciting ride full of hearbreak,passion and consuming love.Both Seth and Summer are orphans with darkness hunting them both,but through each other they find safe haven and become unlikely friends.But soon they will get betrayed and will have to get separetad against their will.Many years later they meet again in their youth.This time Seth has to grown up to be the most popular and cold-hearted bad-boy of the school and Summer has grown up as a beautiful and strong girl that have f [...]

    • Best friends falling in love is my aphrodisiac, my oyster, my silver bullet with rechargeable batteries. It's that one thing that gets me going every time. I can't resist. So how come I didn't five star this jack rabbit?? I wanted to, I did. It started off strongry strong, but.but.I don't know. It was good. No really; I enjoyed reading it, but it had some flaws that kept it from pulling in those extra stars. Flaws that didn't make this a bad book, or a waste of time, but flaws that had me swallo [...]

    • Meet Summer ''Sunny'' MooreSince she was a little girl, Sunny has been living in a world filled with nightmares. She longs for stability in her life. Memories of that horrific tragedy haunts her every single night. Forced to live in foster homes, she finds no tranquility. Every night in her sleep, she lets out heart-stopping screams, which causes the foster families to send her away. One day, her world changes. In her new foster home, she finds what she's been looking for, PEACE. Never would she [...]

    • The Plot: Seth's life has not been easy, living with his neglectful, drug-addict mother. The only good thing about his life is pretty much his Grandmother, with whom his mom leaves him when she disappears for weeks and months on end. Until the year he's 7 and 5-year old Summer Moore came to live with Mrs. Lewis, who fostered kids from time to time. Orphaned but a few months before, Summer suffers from awful night terrors that have gotten her kicked out of at least 5 other foster homes already. B [...]

    • Another well-written debut novel, Summer's Desire captured me from the start and kept me hooked throughout.Yesterday, his Mom dropped him like useless baggage at his Grams' place and bolted for parts unknown. After that incredible stroke of luck, he should've known that something nasty would soon follow. Fortune was a bitch that way.I love books where both of the main characters have significant hurdles in their pasts to overcomeis one did not disappoint in this area. I really felt the pain of b [...]

    • I have come across books that are brilliantly written, professionally edited, well executed, unique plots, but not a lot of them have truly moved me. I am an emotional reader, if you make me cry, leave me breathless or awake at night, you've got a 5 star rating from me.Olivia Lynde had me at hello. The book may be lacking in some of the characteristics listed above, but not in heart. Summer and Seth's story is a heartbreaking and heartwarming story of first, true and only love that stands the te [...]

    • Wow, Seth and Summer blew me away! Their connection, first as kids and then as teenagers, was powerful!These are not your usual teenagers (kids who spend their childhoods in foster care or with abusive parents rarely can be described as having usual lives), so it's not surprising that even though they haven't seen each other for 5 years once they are back together they became again the center of each other's world. Is their obsessive relationship dysfunctional? Clearly but it sure makes for an e [...]

    • I say 3.5-4.Summer was likable at the beginning but started to annoy me more and more as the book went on. First it was because I felt like she was way to 'high school' about the whole thing Then I felt like she was creating dramatic situations where they were unnecessary Now I'm annoyed with the author because instead of condensing the book or stopping when I was still in to the story, she has to beat it to death with so many new 'and then it all went to shit' moments that it just gets annoying [...]

    • I think this book could have been a million times better and would have a much greater following had the author wrote with an "every day" type of voice instead of formal, flowery, and old fashioned. The story was very good, the relationship between the MCs was sweet as children and as young adults they didn't allow themselves to be brought down by misunderstandings and lack of communication. They showed trust and actually asked questions of each other if they were concerned. Very few lies/half t [...]

    • If anyone would see me right now would think that I'm totally crazy :D. I just finished reading this novel and boy! I had to remind myself that I'm not Suumer you idiot, Summer is a character a CHARACTER! Lol. You know those books that make you grin like an idiot the whole time reading it? Well this one should be on top of these books. It was beautifully written, but I've read better. She kind of repeated stuff in there and made both Summer and Seth look like they're kids, which they are/were. I [...]

    • I absolutely love best friends falling in love stories. Especially when they start off as best friends at such a younge age. Seth is 7 and Summer is 5. They live together because Seth's grandma is Summer's foster parent. Unfortunately this book just didn't do it for me. I gave it one more star than I thought I would because I loved the first part of them as kids. It's a cute love story and I did want to know how it ended for Seth and Summer, but I was rolling my eyes and skimming too much to thi [...]

    • Overall, SUMMER'S DESIRE is something of a mystery but once you dive into the story and begin to understand the character's and their dark pasts, you'll definitely not want to miss out on this book because it was brilliant and totally gets a two thumbs up from me! Loved it . . . A LOT!Full review: talesoftheinnerbookfanatic.blo

    • I feel so much that Kirsty Moseley Kirsty Moseley wrote this book. The story line feels like something she would write and the writing style is soo much like hers as well!

    • I love this book so much , as much as I love Love ! So I'm kinda sad , cuz it's not a series , I love Sunny and Seth ,they're the cutest ever !I want to re-read it some other time !!!

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