First Date

First Date Five high school friends have one thing in common as they start their sopho year none of them have ever been on a real date With homecoming looming they make a pact and start a secret club they call

  • Title: First Date
  • Author: Melody Carlson
  • ISBN: 9780800721312
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Paperback
  • Five high school friends have one thing in common as they start their sopho year none of them have ever been on a real date With homecoming looming, they make a pact and start a secret club they call the DG Dating Game They re sworn to secrecy and to purity but the club is their way to set each other up on their first dates so they can report back to the DG OFive high school friends have one thing in common as they start their sopho year none of them have ever been on a real date With homecoming looming, they make a pact and start a secret club they call the DG Dating Game They re sworn to secrecy and to purity but the club is their way to set each other up on their first dates so they can report back to the DG Of course, they all make different choices about how to deal with their parents and how to act on their dates, and they discover that they all have totally different experiences Still, the things they learn about boys and dating will stick with them throughout high school Bestselling author and teen favorite Melody Carlson starts off her newest series with a good dose of fun, tackling two topics teen girls love to read about friends and boys.

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      Melody Carlson is the award winning author of over two hundred books, several of them Christmas novellas from Revell, including her much loved and bestselling book, The Christmas Bus She also writes many teen books, including the Diary of a Teenage Girl series, the TrueColors series, and the Carter House Girls series Melody was nominated for a Romantic Times Career Achievement Award in the inspirational market for her books, including the Notes from a Spinning Planet series and Finding Alice, which is in production as a Lifetime Television movie She and her husband serve on the Young Life adult committee in central Oregon.

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    • It's really cute, and written well, but I feel like this isn't the best message to spread. I don't like that love is a game to these girls, and it was surprisingly religious with no indication on the cover. Ps. I didn't know she was a Christian author.

    • First Date is a humorous story about five high school girls who want to get dates to an upcoming homecoming dance. I enjoyed the story but I didn't like the way the girls treated each other sometimes. I was glad to see that they treated each other better closer towards the end of the book. I would recommend to those who like to read a quick, funny, and clean book to 13 years old and up.

    • HmmmThis book was interesting. Honestly, I was expecting this to be good, because Melody Carlson is usually pretty good! Despite the fact that I knew this book was all about dating, still, I thought there might be a redeeming factor to it. Eh, there wasn't. I was disappointed. If you like "just for fun" books that are pretty light, this will be great for you! Seriously!BUT, if you really only like books with some sort of messages or lessons.This book was very meh. I just couldn't see the good in [...]

    • Melody Carlson is one of the few 'big' names in the Christian young adult genre. I've read more of her books, but I couldn't get into this one. It's about a group of girls who decide to start 'The Dating Games' to get experience in dating (duh). There were too many names to keep them straight, especially when combined with the same amount of boys. Plus the characters felt two dimensional to me, probably because there were too many of them. Because you constantly change perspective, you never rea [...]

    • I didn't think I'd enjoy this book when I first started it, but I ended up really liking it! Warning, *SPOILERS!!!* It's very Christian. They go to a private religious school and they talked about church and their religion a lot, but it's not over powering. It's about these five girls at school who are sort-of-friends and one of them is a busy body and loves excitement. She wants to know why none of the guys are even looking at her! They act like she's invisible and the dance is only three weeks [...]

    • Reading this book makes me wish I'd had some sort of dating club with my friends back when we were in high school! It also makes me think about my own high school experience and some similarities that existed when I was a junior and had planned with two of my friends to do a group date, too! It was a memorable experience, and I'm happy to say that it was because of homecoming dance that year that I met the man I would later marry :-)In First Date, Melody Carlson brings together 5 unlikely girls [...]

    • First date is the story of five girls, Emma, Cassidy, Abby, Bryn and Devon and their quest to go on a first date. I love Melody Carlson and wanted to read this book to see how she handled the friendship dynamic and also to see how the whole idea of girls that are Juniors going on their first date.Overall I think this was a fun story. I really had to suspend disbelief though to think that 5 girls who were witty, smart and mostly attractive had never been on dates. Even worse was suspending disbel [...]

    • I thought this book was great! 😊 My favorite part was when Devon finally talked Emma into getting a makeover. Overall this book deserves 5 stars.

    • Devon has just transferred to the Christian Northwood Academy and is bored not only with school but with the environment and the lack of attention boys give her. So determined to make her junior year something to remember, she decides to try ad get her and her new friends to get dates to the dance coming up and break the daze everyone seems to be in. Devon, Emma, Cassidy, Bryn, and Abby are completely different from each other but they all have one thing in common: none of them have been on a "r [...]

    • I love reviewing young adult fiction, so of course I jumped at the opportunity to read First Date by Melody Carlson! Most of the young adult fiction I read is aimed at ages 13-18 and I would say that this book definitely fits that category. The story centers around 5 teenage girls who have formed their own clique at their school despite the fact that they are not especially fond of all of the members. The girls: Devon, Abby, Brynn, Cassidy and Emma all come from unique backgrounds and family sty [...]

    • This is the first book I have read by Melody Carlson and as I started through the first couple of chapters, I was convinced that I was not going to like this book. In fact, the more I read the more I felt that it was a waste of my time and most certainly was not something that I was going to recommend anyone else to read. However, as I remembered the target age for this book (High School: 10th grade and up), the story began to make sense to me and how it would possibly appeal to this age group s [...]

    • First Date is the first book in The Dating Games series by Melody Carlson. Carlson is my favorite author, so I've read most of her books. Considering her teen series that I've finished, this isn't my favorite. That being said, I did enjoy it. I only had minor complaints. I'd say The Dating Games probably won't be near as good as the Carter House Girls or Bloomberg Place, but it may be better than the On the Runway series.First Date follows a group of high school girls who decide to make a game o [...]

    • I didn't finish this book. I started it, and I read about 1/3 of the book before I stopped. I wasn't impressed. At all. When I was a younger teen, I adored Melody Carlson. I loved to read her books, and I felt like I could relate to them. So when I received the email to review this book, I jumped at the chance to try another one of her books for teens, so that I could review it here and maybe give my younger readers something to check into reading.On the first page of this book, the word "freaki [...]

    • I think this would be a cute series for a Christian teenage girl to read who is hoping to start dating. A group of girls that attend a Christian school decide that they will start dating boys that they may or may not have a crush on already. Some of them aren't too keen on the idea while others really want to date badly. A "game" of sorts is created between these girls where they just want to find good guys that can take them to the homecoming dance. We learn a bit about who each girl is and wha [...]

    • This book sounded like a wonderfully interesting idea, and as someone who teaches high school, I always enjoy reading from the perspective of teenage adolescents. High school was not a fun time for me, not because I was picked on or not liked, but just because I think it is a tough time in every kid’s life. They are discovering who they are, growing both physically and mentally, and trying their best to prepare for the life that is ahead of them. I must say that I would have never made it thro [...]

    • If you read Christian YA fiction then you've no doubt heard of Melody Carlson. Her books can tend to go either way for me, I think she's a good writer but probably not one of my favorites. However I'll still pick up one of her new books or series when I get the chance. I think she has done close to twenty series which is pretty impressive.This book was like a lot of her other books, set in high school where a girl/girls are trying to figure out who they are what choices to make with their life. [...]

    • Two weeks into her junior year & Devon Fremont felt dangerously bored.________________________I've read some of Melody Carlson's other books & really enjoyed her writing so was excited when I got the change to get this new Young Adult book & review it.Its the story of girlfriends who get together to form a group & try to break a rule some of the guys are sticking to - to not date. Devon is behind this "Dating Games" & gets her friends to join in as a club. Devon, Emma, Cassid [...]

    • When I was given the opportunity to pick from a list of available books to review, First Date caught my eye immediately. The cover itself is chic and gave it natural appeal. I was impressed by the authors style of writing. I found it to be clean and it flowed nicely. I also appreciated the fact that the story was written from each of the girls view points, independently. I felt hearing each characters point of view brought the story together as a whole. Having said that, I really wanted to like [...]

    • I truly enjoyed this fun YA novel! It was such an interesting concept and had a very realistic view in if a group of girls really started the dating games! There was a good dose of drama that had many surprises, makeovers, and the true bonding of friends!Throughout First Date each of the girls give their point-of-view every few chapters with all of them struggling with their self-worth concerning their looks. Only one of them truly knows that their self-worth ultimately comes from a personal rel [...]

    • While I cannot speak for Melody's other books, I am sad to say I was not impressed with First Date.Maybe it's because I'm homeschooled (it probably is), but I found most of the book aggravating. Please realize that this is just my experience with the book and truthfully those who go to public school or a Christian school might enjoy this one better than I. There were only two characters I liked, Emma and Cassidy. I saw part of myself in both of them, though I don't really want to go into much de [...]

    • First Date The Dating Games #1By Melody CarlsonI have to admit I was intrigued about the premise behind the Dating Games (DG). Having gone to a High School where dating wasn't allowed, "dancing" was a 4 letter word, uniforms were uniform, and six inches between students was enforced with ruler wielding teachers I was looking forward to experiencing the trials and troubles of a group of high school girls trying to get their first date.Though the goal of these girls was to get a date in time for t [...]

    • this was not what I expected. It was a fun read one not to take seriously but the superficiality of some of these girls was just unbelievable.This is a story of four girls out to get dates for a dance so they start a date club. Why do this? Well the boys have been challenged by a teacher and they are taking this challenge seriously. These girls wish to change that. One is stuffy and religious, one is insecure and when she feels scared she gets witchy and selfish, one is lonely and another has pa [...]

    • Devon Fremont and Emma Parks became friends when they both attended public school together a few years back, back then Emma's mom pulled her out of public school and enrolled her in Northwood Academy, now after the divorce of her parents Devon's mom decided to do the same thing and Devon finds the school boring and is determined to stir things up. When she realizes that the girls she hangs out with have one thing in common, that they have never had a first date she suggests that they start a sec [...]

    • First off I love to read YA especially when it has a Christian base. I didn't get much out of this book spiritually but overall it was a great novel.It was a quick read and I would recommend it for ages 14+. *ParentsBefore letting your child read this book I caution that you speak to them about dating and how you feel about it and your rules. I've always had the feeling that dating was something that was to be done when you found the right guy but this book treats dating like your first date is [...]

    • The story centers around 5 teenage girls: Devon, Abby, Brynn, Cassidy and Emma who are all different and don't all necessarily get along. Devon and Emma used to be close friends, but after Devon moved away a few years ago, Emma grew closer to Cassidy. When Devon moved back to town, she was eager to share her dating advice and created a dating game/club called "The Dating Games". The goal of the game was for each girl to help another girl find a date for the homecoming dance which was only 3 week [...]

    • Review on my blog (to be posted 10/5): christianbookshelfreviewsWhen I saw First Date come up for review, I knew I wanted to read it because it sounded like a fun read. And it was fun, but also a little superficial - especially the first half. The last half was better and, I have to say, I really liked "the guys" (except Jason) and how respectful they were to girls.I didn't particularly care for how much emphasis was put on looks in the story and a couple other things, but First Date was still a [...]

    • I thought First Date was a very intriguing book. I think the whole idea of their friends trying to set them up with their crush is very realistic, especially when they are all trying to get dates to the homecoming dance. The only thing that was weird about the way this was portrayed was how they were calling it a game when dating shouldn’t just be a game. Overall though, it was it well thought out book and I thought that Melody Carlson did a good job showing some of the many problems girls fac [...]

    • As Cassidy, Emma, Devon, Bryn and Abby discover the meaning of friendship - and ponder whether it's better to have an old friend or a good friend - they are reminded that that appearances aren't everything. It emphasizes the importance of friends and loyaltyIt includes a wonderfully concise and clear explanation of legalism, but is less overtly religious than some of Melody Carson's books. (You might not even notice, other than that some of the characters go to church and are attending a Christi [...]

    • This book is about a group of 5 high school girls who start a club called the DG (Dating Games Club). The idea is to help each other find dates to a homecoming dance. In doing this, the girls bond and become closer. I really liked this book, it was adorable. The 5 girls had such different personalities: Brynn the beauty queen, Devon the rebel, Emma the quiet one, Cassidy the goody two shoes and Abby the athletic one. I really liked them all (well Devon kinda drove me crazy most of the time).It w [...]

    • The first in the Dating Games series moves along quickly, but the characterization lacks depth. Questions about friendship and Christian values are presented realistically but not overwhelmingly, and teen readers will be entertained by the drama and excitement. First Date is a fast read and amusing story that ends with more adventures to come.The boys at Northwood High have been given a challenge by one of their teachers to not tempt their Christian values by dating. But new girl Devon devises a [...]

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