Ask Me if I'm Happy (Expanded Edition)

Ask Me if I m Happy Expanded Edition All Emily Miller wants from her trip to Italy is the chance to get over her recent breakup Watching her beautiful best friend Jenn revel in the attention of countless available men isn t helping matte

  • Title: Ask Me if I'm Happy (Expanded Edition)
  • Author: Kimberly Menozzi
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • All Emily Miller wants from her trip to Italy is the chance to get over her recent breakup Watching her beautiful best friend Jenn revel in the attention of countless available men isn t helping matters After arriving in Venice for the final week of their trip, hurt and disappointed, Emily strikes out on her own.After a chance encounter in a paper shop, she finds herselfAll Emily Miller wants from her trip to Italy is the chance to get over her recent breakup Watching her beautiful best friend Jenn revel in the attention of countless available men isn t helping matters After arriving in Venice for the final week of their trip, hurt and disappointed, Emily strikes out on her own.After a chance encounter in a paper shop, she finds herself the object of the affections of a handsome Venetian named Jacopo Spadon At his invitation, she decides to throw caution to the wind and take a chance on a once in a lifetime fling Before she can do so, Emily must let go of the pain of her past and learn how to trust her own judgment in matters of the heart.Nevertheless, as Jacopo reveals about himself and his true intentions toward her, Emily comes to realize that in Venice, not all the masks are put away after Carnevale.Ten years later, Emily is forced to spend a day in Bologna when she d rather be catching her flight home to the US Determined to put the country and her marriage behind her, she wants to have nothing to do with anything or anyone Italian ever again.For Davide Magnani, chivalry isn t yet dead He accompanies Emily to Milan, if only to reassure himself of her safe arrival The following morning, he s stunned to realize he s fallen in love with someone he s only known for twenty four hours and it seems that she feels the same way.One year later, Emily and Davide reunite As their relationship strengthens, unforeseen events reveal deeper, troubling connections all around, which drive Emily away from the first man she s ever really trusted Can she forgive the lies she s been told, or the truths which have been hidden from her And how can Davide prove to her, once and for all, that Italy is precisely where she needs to be This special, expanded edition of Kimberly Menozzi s debut novel, Ask Me if I m Happy , also includes the prequel novella Alternate Rialto.Proceeds from this ebook only edition will be donated to various organizations in Emilia Romagna, Italy, which support the ongoing, post earthquake relief efforts there These organizations include Croce Rossa Italiana the Italian Red Cross , Protezione Civile the Civil Protection Department , and other direct contribution agencies established within the cities affected.Please watch for updates of this title, as material new excerpts, essays, and information will be added from time to time.

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    About “Kimberly Menozzi

    • Kimberly Menozzi

      An aspiring writer from the age of eight, Kimberly Menozzi began writing her first stories instead of paying attention in school While her grades might have suffered, her imagination seldom did She managed to keep most of her stories together for years, then lost them after a move when she left a trunk full of papers behind She meant to go back and get them, but circumstances prevented her from doing so So, she started over again And lost those, too.After a trip to England in 2002, she began work on A Marginal Life Well Lived , inspired by the music of Jarvis Cocker and Pulp The novel was completed in 2003, and is undergoing rewrites with hopes of publication in the near future.Also in 2003, she met and fell in love with an Italian accountant named Alessandro She married him in 2004 This necessitated her arrival in Italy and she has lived there ever since After several months of working for language schools and writing blog entries for her family in the US to read, new story ideas began to develop.Finally, in 2007, she began work on a new project, inspired by her love hate relationship with her new home The novel Ask Me if I m Happy was completed in 2009 and was first published in the UK in 2010, before its US release in 2011.Kimberly s most recent release was 27 Stages, a novel set in the world of professional road cycling.She is currently at work on another prequel novella for Ask Me if I m Happy, titled None So Blind.

    283 thoughts on “Ask Me if I'm Happy (Expanded Edition)

    • I’ve started reading ‘Ask if I’m happy’ this morning and am enjoying it a lot already. On page 26 and before she realizes what the last reason is why he watched her… I think I realized it too and went to check in the previous pages. At the moment I have this joy of what might come going through me and instead of preparing to go out and buy groceries, clean the flat… I continue reading and enjoy to be in Bologna at least in the story if not in real. I guess it is a compliment if you f [...]

    • Ask Me If I'm Happy revolves around those tiny insignificances in relationships which, if left unattended, grow into insurmountable barriers between lovers, friends, even.I read the first few chapters of this when Kim put them up on the authonomy web site a few years ago, and have always wondered what the whole story would be like.The fact that this novel is set in Italy is such a plus, as it avoids the parochial type of literature which often comes out of the US. In fact, the few small parts of [...]

    • I'm going to follow the lead of my fellow writers and say this:I wrote it. Of course I would give it five stars. However, I really do think it's a good read, and it's worth it to a reader to spend some time with this story if they think it'd be their sort of thing.If you don't trust my word - and why should you? - take a look at other reviews and see what they thought. Read the free first chapter available on my website (kmenozzi) and see if that interests you. My work has to speak for itself.Bu [...]

    • One of the best stories I have read in years. Refreshing in it's realistic approach to romance. This book can, and should, be turned into a movie. The characters are real. You can relate to them. Once I started to read the first few pages I was hooked. It was difficult to put the book down. Hours would pass easily as I lost myself in the storyline. Kimberly Menozzi is a word artist. She can create a canvas so realistic you could swear you lived it. I highly recommend this book.

    • When Emily Miller's fairytale marriage ends in betrayal, she's anxious to put Italy, her home for the past ten years, behind her and return to America. Fate seems to be working against her, and a transportation delay leaves her stuck in Bologna for a day. There she meets Davide Magnani who entertains her by introducing her to the city. When the trains are moving again, Davide accompanies her to Milan, loath to say goodbye until he absolutely must. Even after her return to America the two keep in [...]

    • Ask me If I'm Happy A great book to read! Once I started I could not stop until I was finished reading it. First it made me want to learn Italian. The language is so beautiful and the way she described ItalyI felt as if I was literally there. Secondly, It was nice to see how love can sometimes come so easy in your life, but baggage from your past doesn't allow you to see whats right in front of you.I also enjoyed how these two people crossed paths as strangers but were already connected in that [...]

    • Kimberly Menozzi is an American author who moved to Italy after falling in love. That to me is a crucial feature in the development of this book.The story of what happens when Emily Miller's world crumbles in Italy and the subsequent love story with a new Italian man is told with such intimately, and innately, delicate way that it is an absolute treat to read. A chance meeting brings the protagonists together, but something more than chance has to be behind it - you cannot deem otherwise. This i [...]

    • Ask Me If I’m Happy is a strong romantic novel strengthened by the setting and the use of the Italian language, which make this novel a perfect read, not only for fans of romantic novels but those who love all things Italian. The Italian presence is very evident and the author shares her flaws not just her beauty.The two protagonists are Emily Miller and Davide Magnani they fall in love at first sight! I am not sure I believe in this actually being love when there is an instant chemistry betwe [...]

    • Emily Miller, the main character of Ask Me If I'm Happy, struggles constantly with the idea of home. While there are elements of this story that would appeal to readers of Romance, Ask Me If I'm Happy is literary fiction. It is a complex story of the growing relationship between Emily/Emilia and Davide with the ghost of Jacobo and a pending divorce looming over Emily.Textually, the novel has interesting layers. Interior monologue lets the reader in to Emily and Davide's thoughts. The Italian lan [...]

    • Emily Miller wants to say goodbye after living, for ten years in Italy. All she wants to do is to travel back home to the States and to leave her life and her marriage behind.When Emily’s travel plans are delayed, she finds herself stuck for the day in a small Italian town called Bologna after a chance meeting with a kind stranger called Davide Magnani, he offers to act as tour guide and show Emily around the town that he lives in. Emily and Davide soon connect and there is a strong chemistry [...]

    • Ask me why I'm looking around nervously, and I might admit to you that I'm scared of being drawn into the romance genre. 'Ask Me if I'm Happy' drew me in with its title - because I wanted to know if they were.I said earlier that I was scared of being drawn in by a romance. That's what this book will do, but it was the literary fiction aspect of the writing style that first drew me in. The characters are believable and are placed in realistic dilemmas.What's more? Rosetta Stone may need to pay Ki [...]

    • Such a lovely story of finding love in the middle of heartbreak. It was a refreshing way for a story to unfold in the narrative of both protagonists. I'm glad I stumbled upon this before our trip to Italy next month. It has caused the planning of a day trip to Bologna. I would love to take the tour Davide gave Emily. Please tell me I can find the best brioche I will ever have as well as a meal at Il Cuore della Grassa. Please tell me these places exist!

    • This is an absolutely beautiful book, a seamless blending of romance and literary fiction. The characters are well-portrayed and easy to relate to. The settings come alive and this is where the author's first-hand experience really shines. My only caveat would be to keep your Italian dictionary close at hand! (Though the inclusion of some Italian words and phrases does lend a wonderful sense of realism to the overall story.) Highly recommended!

    • I thought this was an atmospheric and highly romantic novel set in one of my favourite countries in the world - Italy. I think Kimberley Menozzi has achieved a very realistic feel for the setting.I suspect too that there is a bit of 'true life' romance to the tale, which enhanced my enjoyment of the book.This was a book which I enjoyed and was glad to have had the opportunity to read.

    • I guess I would call this a genre of literary romance which I think is my Romance genre. The majority of romance novels are so boringly formulaic. This author gave you the feeling she was somehow in the story and it felt very true to life in the most beautiful of settings, Italy. I like all the relationships in the book, all seemed genuine.

    • Davide Magnani, believes chivalry isn't dead yet. love when Emily and Davide reunite its sweet 'troubling connections'

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