रेहन पर रग्घू

  • Title: रेहन पर रग्घू
  • Author: Kashinath Singh
  • ISBN: 9788126719648
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Paperback
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      434 Kashinath Singh
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    About “Kashinath Singh

    • Kashinath Singh

      Kashinath Singh, winner of the highly prestigious Sahitya Akademi award for Hindi literature is particularly known for his novel Kashi Ka Assi

    478 thoughts on “रेहन पर रग्घू

    • Contemporary Godan depicting effects of globalisation on village life.My wife picked this up for reading together, and I was in double minds because of the heavy abusive language of Kashi Ka Assi by the same author. But here the writing style was so very different. Sometimes it didn't even felt like Kashinath ji's writing.And I liked it more than KKA. Simple language and narration, with an apt mix of dialogues.Struggle of a farmer, Raghunath, whose disobedient children relocate outside village i [...]

    • रेहन पर रग्घू! काशी बाबु के किताबों की एक खासियत तो नाम ही है. चाहे 'काशी का अस्सी' हो या 'रेहान पर रग्घू'! दूसरी विशेषता है कि वो खुल कर लिखते हैं, कुछ दबाते नहीं. अब इसे आप अश्लील कह लें तो ये आपकी स् [...]

    • A good book, definitely a start to finish novel. gripping story. however i could not find some of the characters fully developed as writer has not tried to dwelve into the psyche of characters much (probably writer wanted it in that way or i did not get it.) But still i will give it 4 star for story.

    • it is the most recently published Hindi novel that I have read, and so it deals with the pblm that is more relevant today. the way it ends make you feel that it should continue for some more pages

    • काशीनाथ सिंह की मेरी ये पहली किताब है जिसे शाम के सूरज ढलने और सुबह उगने तक के फासले में मैंने खत्म किया। और ऐसा संभव इसलिए हुआ कि काशीनाथ जी ने जिस तरह से इस कहानी को परोसा है,महसूस होता है कि आप [...]

    • काशीनाथ सिंह की मेरी ये पहली किताब है जिसे शाम के सूरज ढलने और सुबह उगने तक के फासले में मैंने खत्म किया। और ऐसा संभव इसलिए हुआ कि काशीनाथ जी ने जिस तरह से इस कहानी को परोसा है,महसूस होता है कि आप [...]

    • If you can read Hindi and haven't read this novel, then you're missing out. Characters you will hate and love and hate and then love again. It is a novel of human helplessness, old age and selfish dreams. Well done, Kashinath ji.Detailed review soon on abhyused.wordpress

    • A lot of typos in Kindle formatThe story line is good but there are a lot of typos in Kindle format of the book, which makes the reading frustrating a lot of times.

    • In a simple and understated style, Kashinath Singh paints an accurate and heartbreaking picture of changing Indian society over last 2 decades. From increasing assertiveness of Dalit castes in villages to senior citizens forced to live alone in city colonies, so many facets of current Indian society find a resonance in its pages. In parts and pieces, this is the story of so many people around me, including myself. I had sent this book to my mom and when getting it back I asked her about it, she [...]

    • अच्छी कहानी है. इतनी अच्छी कि दोबारा पढ़ी जा सके. बड़ा ही वास्तविक सा चरित्र जो कुछ कुछ आर के नारायण के चरित्रों की याद दिलाता है. हाँ, अस्सी वाली बात शायद नहीं है, लेकिन एक बार जब चरित्र मन में बस जा [...]

    • हम जब गाँव छोड़कर शहर जाते हैं तो क्या-क्या छोड़कर जाते हैं- बेपरवाह, बेफ़िक्र| उसी सब छूटे हुए और बिछड़े हुए की कहानी है रेहन पर रग्घू |साहित्य अकादमी २०११ से सम्मानित इस उपन्यास को प्रेमचंद-परंपरा [...]

    • मुझे ऐसा लगा जैसे काशीनाथ सिंह जी ने वो बात कही जो "काशी का अस्सी" के अंत में कहना चाहते थे | कैसे हमारा परिवेश बदल रहा है और हम और भी| रेहन पर रगघू में भी कुछ ऐसी ही कहानी है| भाषा शैली बेहद आसान | कुछ [...]

    • Represents new wave of Hindi novels. Retrospect of a old man about his life and experiences. Effect of globalization on Indian families is main theme of novel. Very beautifully written. Highly recommended for literature lovers.

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