Arkansas Tre racconti uno scrittore affermato che scrive tesi in cambio di sesso uno studente che consegna pasti a domicilio ai malati di Aids e una commedia degli equivoci ambientata nelle colline toscane

  • Title: Arkansas
  • Author: David Leavitt Delfina Vezzoli
  • ISBN: 9788804422426
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Tre racconti uno scrittore affermato che scrive tesi in cambio di sesso, uno studente che consegna pasti a domicilio ai malati di Aids, e una commedia degli equivoci ambientata nelle colline toscane.

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      232 David Leavitt Delfina Vezzoli
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    About “David Leavitt Delfina Vezzoli

    • David Leavitt Delfina Vezzoli

      Leavitt is a graduate of Yale University and a professor at the University of Florida, where he is the co director of the creative writing program He is also the editor of Subtropics magazine, The University of Florida s literary review Leavitt, who is openly gay, has frequently explored gay issues in his work He divides his time between Florida and Tuscany, Italy.

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    • "I should like to flee like a wounded hart into Arkansas."- attributed to Oscar Wilde, near the end of his life. David Leavitt has a thing for Forster, Wilde, and brown ankles. The writing wasn't bad but I wasn't in love.The introspective moments in "Saturn Street" were uncomfortably close. -3- "The Term Paper Artist"-2.5- "The Wooden Anniversary"-4- "Saturn Street"

    • Tengo problemas con las palabras y su significado, o su interpretación. En la contraportada dice de este libro: «"Arkansas" reúne tres espléndidas variaciones sobre el universo de la seducción». Y leo en el DRAE que seducir viene del latín seducere y que tiene tres acepciones: uno, engañar con arte y maña, persuadir suavemente para algo malo; dos, atraer físicamente a alguien con el propósito de obtener de él una relación sexual; y, tres, embargar o cautivar el ánimo. Y, creo, que [...]

    • In the beginning, read to me a little like Paul Auster crossed with a gay sex blog. Really enjoyed it - had a crooked smile on my face through the entire first story and the three were well-balanced against each other. No extreme highs or lows, but very touching, sensual, and funny in a daily and true way.Hard to believe one of the words used to describe this book was "shocking", but I'm guessing that's what straight guys say about stories that tell the truth about male sexuality in a mundane, d [...]

    • Just lost the review when I changed my edition before I'd saved so briefly -all 3 novellas very readable, especially the first and last, which left me thinking about the characters and had some sexy scenes. -often I found the writing sensitive but then I found it pompous too (or maybe it'd be better to say over my head). That left me feeling some distance from the characters-amazing what a different world 1997 was for gay fiction obviously in the centrality of AIDS to gay life. But not just that [...]

    • Sapevo da “Ballo di famiglia” che David Leavitt scrive bene e che - dettaglio - è gay; ma tre storie su tre incentrate su gay molto irrequieti, pur se raccontate formalmente bene, mi sono risultate piuttosto pesanti. (Vorrei rileggere Leavitt alle prese con altre tematiche.)

    • It's a cold mid November day. More gray than blue. This is a good soft book to lose oneself in. I've always followed David Leavitt and he leaves me in this comfortly morose state. He speaks of regrets, the unrequited, the sorrow and loneliness and I eat it up. But, I wrap it around me and it keeps me warm. Because this is how it is. Retakes on memories and quiet grips on reality. It doesn't help to throw in some EM Forster and Henry James history as well. :) Thank you.

    • This is the first thing of David's I've read: I'd known him for two years before I decided to read anything of his. These three novellas take his best personal qualities I've witnessed and condense them into one book. They're funny, sharp, worldly, and full of empathy. I'll have to read more now.

    • Good longer works from a great short story writer. The first one is a stinging self-implication. It was a fun book to travel with, and a nice follow-up read to Family Dancing.

    • 4/5Normally not a fan of short stories but I finished this one in one sitting and liked all three stories; my favorite one was probably the last story, but again I liked them all.

    • I have not read Leavitt since "Family Dancing" (which I bought at an Army bookstore on post before don't ask don't tell.) I think I've read a few from Lost language. . . but I can't remember. Still, glad I visited with Leavitt again. I'll read some more. These novellas get four stars; however, The Wooden Anniversary, in my opinion, was not as interesting a work as the two surrounding it. So let's start with that one.The Wooden Anniversary left me feeling annoyed, and yelling "why don't people ju [...]

    • Novellas can be strange animals. And, as in any collection of fiction, you tend to like some more than others. David Leavitt brings all his writing chops to bear on these three distinctly themed stories. The first, "The Term Paper Artist," is on the surface quite funny and absurd. Yet, underneath the narrator's hard shell lies a sensitive, vulnerable and ultimately lonely soul. If you know a little about Leavitt's publishing history, this story screams with self-effacing honesty. I really liked [...]

    • I really enjoyed reading this collection, and it reinforced my faith in David Leavitt as a writer. The first novella, The Term Paper Artist, is one of those stories that's held up by its premise. It has an interesting take on gay for pay. These guys are gay for research papers. Once the premise has been explored, the story is allowed to slowly wind down. I wouldn't call this a fault. I think that's just the story taking its natural shape.The high points of The Wooden Anniversary are the inexplic [...]

    • An offhand comment in Felice Picano's Art & Sex in Greenwich Village intrigued me enough to pick up this collection of three short novellas. Arranged an ascending order of gravitas, all three are drastically different in subject matter and tone. And while they all are rather excellent in their individual ways, there's something prickly about the concluding "Saturn Street" that's difficult to shake off (and not just because it deals with the struggles of an AIDs patient): it just really start [...]

    • The novellas are well-written, wry, clever and occasionally poignant, but the gay male protagonists of two (apparently modeled on Leavitt himself) and the principal gay male character of the third, are all sex-addicted horn dogs who, when not trolling sex lines, porn shops or watching video porn, are trying to couple with any nearby man. Yes, I know there are gay men like this (I've met a few), but it is also a (misleading) gay stereotype that often fuels homophobia (not that many straight peopl [...]

    • Arkansas contains three very different stories, all humorous and poignant. Leavitt crafts his characters brilliantly, the main one after himself, ditching clichés from the gay community. His smart, tight dialogue makes for a fast though satisfying read. He successfully weaves stories of Aids in the 80’s, professional jealousy, and creepily co-dependent straight/gay relationships while remaining playful. Highly recommended --Geoff

    • These are neat stories exploring all kinds of terrain. Perfect and short enough to read on an afternoon. "Love's poison, I've noticed, has a way of lingering in the body even years after love itself has withdrawn its fangs." "The Wooden Anniversary." And personally, I think a blowjob is nowhere near enough payment for writing a whole term-paper. I'd expect a lot more. But then again, the real fun there was the whole negotiation and deal-makingI guess.S.

    • The first novella is fantastic.The third novella is good and sad.I was having a discussion about this book with a couple people who'd read it and none of us could remember the second novella. Is it possibly about a man and a woman who take a cooking class or something?I read this book while I lived in Arkansas and it still really pisses me off that the title is Arkansas.

    • By far one of the better books that David Leavitt has written. The three novellas stand alone as great stories in their own right - though the last is in my opinion the best - with each story bringing forth a different emotion. The language is finely controlled; the plots enthralling. A very satisfying read.

    • I picked this up immediately after reading While England Sleeps, and unfortunately, it's not even close. The novella ranged wildly; the first a three, the second a one, the third a four. Which should make it closer to three stars, but really, it wasn't. I didn't particularly enjoy it, and the second is pretty much awful, so. Two stars.

    • Das três novelas que compõem este volume, editado em Português pela Asa, só li as duas primeiras. Foi ao ler 'Bodas de Madeira' que me dei conta que Leavitt, associado a literatura gay, é de facto um excelente escritor, independentemente da orientação sexual do autor ou das suas personagens.

    • Flojo, las dos primeras historias no aportan gran cosa. La tercera, Calle Saturn, es mucho mejor por comparación pero no termina de profundizar, hay demasiadas omisiones. Y el final es súbito, decepcionante.

    • David Leavitt is a master of the form of short fiction. These three novellas are at times touching and at times shocking. Gay men will certainly understand the feelings of desperation in Saturn Street, but anyone can enjoy the raunchiness and playfulness of 'The Term Paper Artist'.

    • Tre romanzi brevi nell'inconfondibile stile di Leavitt.Molto divertente e ironico il primo racconto, in cui uno scrittore di nome David Leavitt si ritrova a comporre tesine di letteratura su ordinazione in cambio di favori sessuali.

    • Someone on described Levitt as "Paul Auster crossed with a gay sex blog." SOLD. I want to read everything this man has ever written.

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