Anointed Dave Mitchell is relishing the success of his start up company DMI Success however has come at a tremendous price on the home front The closeness he once shared with his wife of twelve years is gon

  • Title: Anointed
  • Author: Patricia Haley
  • ISBN: 9781601627339
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dave Mitchell is relishing the success of his start up company, DMI Success, however, has come at a tremendous price on the home front The closeness he once shared with his wife of twelve years is gone Dave spends most of his time working, while Madeline is struggling with balancing her job and home When she elects to take time off and let Dave run the business, theirDave Mitchell is relishing the success of his start up company, DMI Success, however, has come at a tremendous price on the home front The closeness he once shared with his wife of twelve years is gone Dave spends most of his time working, while Madeline is struggling with balancing her job and home When she elects to take time off and let Dave run the business, their lives are forever changed Revered by others as a man of strong faith, Dave is not above temptation His professional relationship with his new secretary eventually crosses the line, and the two share a night of passion Madeline is crushed when she discovers the affair, but she has sacrificed too much already to let go She digs her heels in, refusing to give up her marriage, her family, her company, or her place in Dave s heart.

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    • Patricia Haley

      Patricia Haley, an award winning national bestselling author, earned the title of trailblazer after achieving remarkable success with her first faith based novel She self published her debut novel, Nobody s Perfect, in 1998 and immediately sold nearly 20,000 copies in an industry where selling 5,000 copies at the time was highly regarded The novel was the first of its kind to repeatedly make numerous national best sellers list, including 1 on the Essence national African American list Her next book, No Regrets, was popular among readers and followed Nobody s Perfect onto the best seller s list.Originally from Rockford, IL, Patricia now lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, Jeffrey and their daughter With an engineering degree from Stanford Univ and an M.B.A in marketing and finance from the Univ of Chicago, readers are often surprised to hear that Patricia is writing novels, given her technical and business background.When asked what led her to writing, her response is, I was always good at creative writing in high school, but my interest was in math and science I wasn t big on writing classes in college either Engineering and graduating in four years was my primary focus In the 90s, I went through a time of personal challenge Writing became an unexpected tool of therapy My first attempt at writing was a non fiction self help book I got about halfway through it in 1994 and stopped I set the book aside because a relationship storyline kept playing in my head So I just sat down one day and wrote the first page A few weeks later, another page and so on until nine months later I had completed my first novel, Nobody s Perfect I questioned whether it could be any good, because the writing came very easily Everything flowed so well Without consciously trying, I was basically writing what I wanted to read and wasn t able to find in the stores clean fiction without the sex and profanity , set in modern day, addressing real issues, and filled with a spiritual twist that honors God and gives people hope that they can get through their tough times Everybody is bound to have at least one challenge in their life In this world you will have trouble But take heart I have overcome the world John 16 33 NIV Holy Bible My writing is intended to remind people of the hope and peace that come from personally knowing Christ Jesus I knew God had called and equipped me to write from the beginning However, I realized in 2007 that God called me to write not for the sake of becoming a career author, but for the explicit purpose of encouraging others through motivational speaking, one on one mentoring, writing workshops, and of course the messages in my books So writing is my gift and encouraging others is my purpose In case you re wondering what is the difference between the two, gifts, talents, and strengths are the tools you re given to help fulfill your purpose Her published titles are Chosen 2009 , Destined 2010 , Let Sleeping Dogs Lie nominated Best Inspirational Fiction of 2006 , Still Waters, No Regrets, Blind Faith, short stories in Blessed Assurance and the Midnight Clear anthologies, and her trailblazing bestselling first novel, Nobody s Perfect 1998 , which is currently out of print Her future plans include releasing a revised as well as a sequel.Beyond her literary endeavors, she is a born again believer in Christ Jesus and has a great love for the Lord, her beloved husband, daughter, family, and membership in Delta Sigma Theta Public Service Sorority, Inc where she previously served as Chaplain in the Valley Forge Alumnae Chapter as well as a past committee chairperson She is honored to be a charter member of both the Omicron Chi Collegiate chapter at Stanford University and the Schaumburg Hoffman Estates IL Alumnae Chapter Patricia spends part of her time working in Corporate America as a project manager Formerly a member of the gospel choir, building committ

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    • As I glanced at some previous reviews on , I came across a few of them that stated the book was "predictable" and not her best work. I know sometimes series are geared towards the readers hunger for more, or the author can be attached to the characters and want to continue to tell their story. Not sure of the premises of continuation of the series, however, I haven't read the series in quite awhile since I was introduced by her publicist to premiere the author on my online syndicated radio showc [...]

    • This book was purchased on 12/9/2015. Initially it was going to be placed on our 2016 booklist. Instead it became a personal read for me. I was familiar with other works of the author I was excited to read it. The title captured my attention and the book cover was mesmerizing (inquisitive looking male figure super imposed and a pictorial representation of a female in the background). The picture itself, in my opinion, meant the male was the dominant character and the female was striving for equa [...]

    • This book is a thinly based attempt at a modern update to the Biblical story of David and Bathsheba. The original comes off as a much better story. Placing the "hero" in the world of church consultants who command huge profits for "fixing" local church problems is the first place this novel goes wrong for me. I personally view this type of work as a cancer on the world of Christianity, not as something for which he would gain the admiration of men and God, so he doesn't rate as "David" to me. He [...]

    • Dave and Madeline Mitchell are doing real well running their company DMI. When Dave's best friend Jonathan passes away, he decides that they are going to adopt Jonathan's son Andre and bring him to live with them. Dave and Madeline already have three children, and when Andre comes to live with them, Dave decides that maybe Madeline can stay with the children while he runs DMI. She agrees to it, but after a while she becomes resentful because Dave is never home with her and the children. Madeline [...]

    • I read this book and fell in love with the characters for some reason. They are all very frustrating but I still wanted to know how things turn out. I am reading this story in chronological order instead of the order that the author wrote each installment so had no issue with this being a prequel. Because I amDoing this it is making the series very enjoyable. This author is great but sometimes the story drags. Even though there are some areas that are not as exciting I still wanted to keep readi [...]

    • At first I was disappointed to find out that this wasn't the next installment of the Mitchell saga, but a flashback book. This took us all the way back in time to when Dave, his wife Madeline and his brother Frank were in the trenches together shaping Dave Mitchell Enterprises (DMI) into a future financial juggernaut.It was intriguing to see how it all unfolded. The parallels between the biblical King David and Dave Mitchell were and are spot-on, and it was easy to see how things went south in h [...]

    • Arrghhh!! Patricia Haley and these cliff hanger endings--I can't take it! I was annoyed upon first discovering that this book was a prequel to the entire series, but then as I started reading it, I could not put it down--just like with the others in the series. It was really cool getting the back story on Dave, Madeline, and Sherry; it better helped me to understand how this whole ugly mess got started in the first place. Dave's nonchalance really annoyed me at times--grace should humble you. I [...]

    • Something so innocent seemed to develop into something more just like that. I was kind of taken aback that Dave a man seemimng to be strong in his faith was married to a woman who didn't seem to share the same beliefs. That alone made me wonder if their marriage would last or would she get an epiphany and see the light. When Dave started to overstep his boundaries, I felt like he was asking for trouble. This was a good story of faith, money, marriage and how when one doesn't stop and think they [...]

    • This was good. In spite of everything that Dave went through he continued to believe in the anointing that God had placed upon his life. Dave had everythinga beautiful wife, lovely children (3), a thriving multi-million dollar business that he and his wife had built together from the ground up. But all it took was one slipd his world came tumbling down. This made me realize how fleeting life can be. Our spirits are willing to obey but our flesh is weak. Amen.

    • Dave and Madeline Mitchell are the owners of DMI. Dave is so wrapped up in the daily functions of DMI and forgot that he has a family. Dave is not spending quality time with his wife or children. Madeline decides to take a leave from DMI to spend more time with the children. Dave is at the top of his game only to fall….

    • The one thing that sticks out with me is another pastor in an adulterous affair that wrecks his family and all of the destructive side effects. Done with the church novels unless someone can recommend one where there's victory over the enemy. I know it's fiction, but it's also a bit of truth.

    • Loved it jus hate that its continuing I wanted to get some closure from the last one so now Im left hanging again Y do Patricia continue to do this to me SIGHING

    • I didn't enjoy this book as much because it was a prequel and wellI know how it turns out. The storyline is great and I can't wait to get back into where the children's lives will go next

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