Maigret and the Madwoman

Maigret and the Madwoman Commissaris Maigret wordt op straat aangesproken door een oude dame die hem vraagt eens bij haar thuis te komen omdat er in haar spulletjes gesnuffeld wordt maar voordat hij naar haar toe kan gaan wo

  • Title: Maigret and the Madwoman
  • Author: Georges Simenon
  • ISBN: 9780156028509
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Paperback
  • Commissaris Maigret wordt op straat aangesproken door een oude dame die hem vraagt eens bij haar thuis te komen omdat er in haar spulletjes gesnuffeld wordt, maar voordat hij naar haar toe kan gaan wordt zij vermoord.

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    • Georges Simenon

      Simenon was one of the most prolific writers of the twentieth century, capable of writing 60 to 80 pages per day His oeuvre includes nearly 200 novels, over 150 novellas, several autobiographical works, numerous articles, and scores of pulp novels written under than two dozen pseudonyms Altogether, about 550 million copies of his works have been printed.He is best known, however, for his 75 novels and 28 short stories featuring Commissaire Maigret The first novel in the series, Pietr le Letton, appeared in 1931 the last one, Maigret et M Charles, was published in 1972 The Maigret novels were translated into all major languages and several of them were turned into films and radio plays Two television series 1960 63 and 1992 93 have been made in Great Britain.During his American period, Simenon reached the height of his creative powers, and several novels of those years were inspired by the context in which they were written Trois chambres Manhattan 1946 , Maigret New York 1947 , Maigret se f che 1947.Simenon also wrote a large number of psychological novels , such as La neige tait sale 1948 or Le fils 1957 , as well as several autobiographical works, in particular Je me souviens 1945 , Pedigree 1948 , M moires intimes 1981.In 1966, Simenon was given the MWA s highest honor, the Grand Master Award.In 2005 he was nominated for the title of De Grootste Belg The Greatest Belgian In the Flemish version he ended 77th place In the Walloon version he ended 10th place.

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    • کتابی جنایی پلیسی.شاید بشه گفت اولین کتابی بود که با این موضوع میخوندم. از نویسنده اش هم هیچ شناختی نداشتم و فقط خواستم یه نویسنده جدید رو امتحان کنم.کتاب خوبی بود. گفته شده از داستانهای این نویسنده فیلمهای فرانسوی زیادی ساخته شده. مطمئنا فیلمهای موفق هستند.ولی من بهش 3 میدمفکر [...]

    • It has been decades since I've read a Simenon. For whatever reason, who knows it could have been a mention in something else I was reading or just a random thought out of the murky muck of my reader's brain, but I have recently developed an interest in Simenon. He has the reputation of a ladies man, a drinker, but a disciplined writer none the less. He wrote over 200 books, small books, but actually they are a nice size for my murder mystery fix.I liked the relationship between Maigret and his w [...]

    • Simenon, Georges. MAIGRET AND THE MADWOMAN. (1970). ****. An old lady, very prim and proper, insists on seeing Inspector Maigret. She tells him that something wrong is going on at her apartment. Whenever she goes back to it after shopping or visiting the park, she notices things are just slightly out of place. She also thinks that she is being followed, but hasn’t ever seen anyone yet. Maigret puts her off with promises of coming by, but days go by before he decides to do so. On the day he was [...]

    • non è uno dei migliori.poi, che la lista della spesa di Simenon sia molto migliore del capolavoro di tanti altri, è un altro discorso

    • An elderly woman screws up her courage and demands to see Maigret. Someone is getting into her flat when she's not there, and changing things around. No, nothing's been taken, though she has a considerable amount of money (for 1970) in a drawer. Someone's been following her in the street; no, she hasn't been able to identify them. Maigret and "les enfants" figure she's just another dotty old lady with a persecution complex.Except she's not dotty, and in a day or two she turns up dead in her apar [...]

    • Si poteva evitare questo omicidio? Forse per un po’ questo turba il sonno del nostro commissario.Intuito, metodo investigativo e conoscenza dell’animo umano e delle sue debolezze porteranno alla soluzione del caso che sembrava irrisolvibile.Dialoghi, personaggi e ambienti sempre ben descritti dall’artista Simenon.Un bel racconto, per me velato da un po’ di malinconia… anche se la signora Maigret, oltre ad aiutare il marito, gli ricorda il loro primo bacio!

    • After enjoying Three Beds in Manhatten I was surprisingly disappointed with the famous inspector. There was simply no descriptions or characterisations throughout the novel. The only person described at any length was the victim and this was so unlike the New York novel that I am now intrigued and intend to read the first Maigret novel. Because of the series's reputation I expect it to be quite different.

    • Having sampled one of Simenon's romans durs (The Engagement), I tried one of his Maigret mysteries. It's a police procedural that courts the literary fence with its gritty portrait of human motivations. Based on this novel alone, Inspector Maigret is a multi-layered character, without the foppish frills of a Monsieur Poirot. I would like to see more of Maigret on the page.

    • Trascinante, malgrado la vicenda venga raccontata in quel modo misurato, compunto ed essenziale caratteristico dei gialli di Simenon. Purtroppo il movente - e di conseguenza i colpevoli - mi era già chiaro da tempo; assenza di climax e di picchi emotivi.

    • I've been collecting Inspector Maigret books for almost 40 years. They are my "comfort food" reading. Simenon was the opposite of this stalwart, dependable, character. I can pick up any of the Maigret books and feel like I'm in the old Paris. Great to read while waiting for a plane.

    • The plot, which is set up very well and quite creepy and intriguing, has a somewhat pedestrian and disappointing solution.

    • Maybe it's just the translation (by Eileen Ellenbogen), but the writing in this book is terrible. Just very plain and matter-of-fact, no personality. At times it was like reading a transcript rather than a novel. The actual story didn't seem much good either. It could have been fine if the characters had more life to them, but as it was it was just disappointing.

    • I romanzi di Simenon con protagonista Maigret sono una sicurezza.Ne ho letti oltre 30 e mai una volta sono rimasto deluso.In questo più che in altri mi sembra esca fuori il lato romantico e sentimentale del buon Maigret.Arrivederci al prossimo romanzo.

    • Maigret and the Madwoman was first published in 1970 as La Folle de Maigret, and translated into English by Eileen Ellenbogen. This is quite a suspenseful Maigret story, even though it hinges only on the minor complaint of Madame Antoine, the Folle of the title, that someone unknown is entering her apartment and disarraying her possessions. Her complaints are not taken seriously by the police until she is murdered. Then Maigret must discover who, and why. Like all detective stories there are min [...]

    • MAIGRET AND THE MADWOMAN by the late Georges Simenon is a typical Inspector Maigret mystery. It is simple yet complex. Other than the police there are only a few characters, but still the puzzle is baffling. When an old woman who has been trying to see the inspector in his offices finally confronts him on the streets of Paris, he is loathe to take her seriously. But she does have remarkable eyes and a way about her that convinces him to see her at her apartment the next day. Her complaint is th [...]

    • Lettura scorrevole per un caso che sembra irrisolvibile, ma che nasconde meschinità e povertà. Per fortuna Maigret sa dove prendere il filo giusto e come un mastino non molla la presa nemmeno per un secondo.Quello che mi ha colpito di questo libro è il fondo di tenerezza fra i coniugi Maigret che è sempre presente nei racconti, ma che qui è ben descritto come se l'autore si fosse lasciato andare ai sentimenti.E poi il senso di inadeguatezza del proprio ruolo di Maigret di fronte alle paure [...]

    • I like Maigret books, they are nice and quick to read. I like the atmosphere of an "Old France", when telephone weren't common (not to mention mobile phones), and people went around on footBut, as far as the "mystery" part goes, I find it always a bit too easy: there aren't many characters, the plot isn't extremely complex. This book is exemplary in this regard: an old lady dies leaving only two relatives, a niece (who has a small criminal as a fiancé) and her son. It's not too hard to guess wh [...]

    • An old woman seeks out Chief Superintendent Maigret to tell him that someone has been searching her apartment when she was out and sometimes following her. Before he can visit her apartment, she is found dead. Maigret investigates her only living relatives, a niece and her son, and the niece’s lover, who is a small time crook and pimp. The only clue he finds in the apartment is some gun oil in the bedside table. With some psychological advice from his wife, Maigret solves the case.

    • I love these novels. Yet, as an uncouth American, I still, after reading more than a few of these, can't shake the impression that Maigret could ONLY ever be European. The incessant smoking and lunch time drinking are quaint bygone customs. Don't think me a prude: I wish there was a LOT more sex in these novels. This one, of the ones I have read, did have some innuendo and the most free attitude toward sex.Completely surprising ending! No way it could be guessed.

    • Pretty good read but slows at about the quarter mark picking up speed at the three quarter mark. A police procedural. It centers on inspector Maigret and the two main suspects in the murder of an old woman . The author separates paragraphs without identifying the speaker and runs the paragraphs of one speaker back-to-back-to-back. This was not the best effort I have read of Mr. Simeon's.

    • Maigret is accosted by a little old woman. Very little. Very old. Someone has been in her apartment. Things are slightly out of place. "We'll come by and check it out but not just yet". Until it's too late. The usual ensues. The crime. The detective work. The guilty one identified. And then the sweet little bit of Maigret's human-ness. A good one.

    • My first trip to Maigret-land. I read this book after I ran across the series as a pop-culture reference in Heather O'Neill's The Girl Who Was Saturday Night and realized I had one of the books on my shelf. It was a quick read, fairly standard police procedural sort of thing, with lots of references to people sleeping around, drinking and smoking. Plus, I really like the cover. Pretty cool.

    • Une vieille dame implore Maigret de la sauver d'un danger : les objets bougent chez elle, on la suit Est-elle folle ? Elle n'en a pas l'air. Pourtant, Maigret se décide trop tard : la veille dame est étranglée dans son appartement. Meurtre sans préméditation, dû peut-être à la panique d'un voleur ?

    • Although there were only a few suspects and it was not too difficult to figure out what had happened, this was not a bad story.As always, Simenon let you inside the mind of Maigret who must be the most human of detectives.Three and a half stars would have been fairer.

    • Maigret somehow manages to be a 3-star pleasure. I have the HBJ 1972 edition of the same translation.

    • An entertaining, but fairly light mystery. The ending, and Maigret's treatment of the main suspect, gave it a surprisingly appropriate melancholy ending.

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