Gibraltar Earth

Gibraltar Earth In humanity has gained a toehold among the stars when a starship encounters two hostile alien spacecraft The aliens come from a million star empire whose rulers allow no competitors What to do D

  • Title: Gibraltar Earth
  • Author: Michael McCollum
  • ISBN: 9781929381258
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Paperback
  • In 2345, humanity has gained a toehold among the stars when a starship encounters two hostile alien spacecraft The aliens come from a million star empire whose rulers allow no competitors What to do Do we hide and pray the aliens overlook Earth for a few generations, or do we take a aggressive approach Whatever we do, it must be done quickly Time is runningIn 2345, humanity has gained a toehold among the stars when a starship encounters two hostile alien spacecraft The aliens come from a million star empire whose rulers allow no competitors What to do Do we hide and pray the aliens overlook Earth for a few generations, or do we take a aggressive approach Whatever we do, it must be done quickly Time is running out.

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      478 Michael McCollum
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    • Michael McCollum

      Michael McCollum was born in Phoenix, Arizona, in 1946, and is a graduate of Arizona State University, where he majored in aerospace propulsion and minored in nuclear engineering He is employed at Honeywell in Tempe, Arizona, where he is Chief Engineer in the valve product line In his career, Mr McCollum has worked on the precursor to the Space Shuttle Main Engine, a nuclear valve to replace the one that failed at Three Mile Island, several guided missiles, Space Station Freedom, and virtually every aircraft in production today He is currently involved in an effort to create a joint venture company with a major Russian aerospace engine manufacturer and has traveled extensively to Russia in the last several years In addition to his engineering, Mr McCollum is a successful professional writer in the field of science fiction He is the author of a dozen pieces of short fiction and has appeared in magazines such as Analog Science Fiction Science Fact, Amazing, and Isaac Asimov s Science Fiction Magazine Mr McCollum is married to a lovely lady named Catherine, and has three children Robert, Michael, and Elizabeth.

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    • I read all three books in the series. This came recommended by Steve Gibson on his Security Now webcast. Great storyline and engaging to read; this series had a premise that I haven't encountered before in my extensive sci-fi readings. I also appreciate that the author simply skips over boring details of how the characters get from A to B; many authors would fill the journey with psuedo-suspense or excruciating detail.So why two-stars? Because by the end of book one I felt like I was reading sci [...]

    • I read the "audio" version of this book from AudibleI picked this up on a recommendation of Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte from Security Now.It reminds me of a "superhero" film or story, where the first part of the story is the "gathering of the heroes" for the coming crisis. This portion of the story was a bit slow, and he almost lost me.But when the assembled team ventures out into the galaxy to investigate stories they've been told of the "Broa Overlords", the story really takes off. There is a [...]

    • Gibraltar Earth, as a story, is good enough for 3 stars, but editing and stylistic problems drop it to 2 stars for me. This is kind of a concern given that I paid full price for this book and did not get a fully edited and refined product. Self-published authors should keep this in mind when pricing their books.Gibraltar Earth is a first contact story that takes place after humanity has developed FTL travel. A human starship witnesses a battle between two alien ships and gets caught in the cross [...]

    • “Gibraltar Earth” is an awkwardly written, very old skool space opera. Characters were OK, with an over reliance on stereotypes, for example ‘the spoiled rich kid who finds himself’; the nerdy, female academic hiding a hot body; Capt. Picard; a self-doubting Margaret Thacher, etcThe writing is ‘workman-like’ at best. Plotting is actually well done, but the scenes are awkwardly written. With the plotting, the author did a good job. The foreshadowing was well handled, and the convergin [...]

    • I listened to the audiobook version, narrated by Ramon De Ocampo. This is a first contact story. Humanity is no longer aloned we may be in grave danger.Author Michael McCollum's take on aliens reminds me a lot of the following quote from The Killing Star by Charles Pellegrino and George Zebrowski:"When we put our heads together and tried to list everything we could say with certainty about other civilizations, without having actually met them, all that we knew boiled down to three simple laws of [...]

    • This is not military sci fi. There are no troops in sight, no notable ship armaments, and no space battles. The ship Magellan runs into an alien ship that fires on them. After disabling yhe ship, they board and find 2 dead aliens and one alive. They take this monkey look-alike back to earth where a lot of political stuff happens to cover up the fact that alien life has been discovered. The alien tells them some disturbing things about the Overlords of the galaxy and around the last 25% of the bo [...]

    • Very similar in plot to Antares Dawn, with the characters, technologies, and aliens simply painted with a different brush. At times I was wondering if I was reading McCollum's previous trilogy again. Having read Antares first, this hampered my enthusiasm somewhat, as there wasn't enough of a new experience here. On the other hand, if you liked Antares, you'll enjoy this. I'd recommend filling some time between the series to allow the second to feel less like a rehash.(view spoiler)[The twist/rev [...]

    • Started off a little slow but really got going in the second half of the book. I am glad I persevered. This is not an original story but an idea I love. Earth has just started being able to visit other solar systems but their space exploration is in its infancy. Still thinking they are alone in the universe when suddenly an alien craft appears and leads on to the discovery that earth is but a meaningless blip compared to what is out there. This is really science fantasy rather than a space opera [...]

    • I listened to this on Audible and it was an enjoyable story to have on while driving or doing things around the house. I think the premise of the series was pretty fascinating; which is that the earth finds out it is in a galaxy controlled by a species through superior tech and if they are discovered they will be subjugated just like the rest of the species in the galaxy or be exterminated. The story feels like a Pournelle/Niven story from the 80's but with a little less polish. At some point I [...]

    • A good book that I enjoyed more than I thought I would at the start. I'd say that the main failing of it is simply that humans succeed. Essentually, there is a minimum amount of problems that the author puts in to make it not a total peice of cake, but fundamentally, it all works out fine.I saw the twist coming a little bit, but it was still a good twist. I've read the other books in the series, and they were fine too.This book is definately worth the price of purchase, not a brillaint book, but [...]

    • This was an interesting take on meeting aliens in the future. I liked it enough to read the next two books in the series. I'm not sure that it will be in my re-read a lot list, but will enjoy going thru the series in the future. During a skimming reread for my book club (I recommended it to my book club which gave it mixed reviews), I had a different take given that I knew future events. If you like Asimov, Heinlein, Campbell, then I think you'll enjoy this book and the series that belongs to. I [...]

    • I listened to the audiobook version, read by Ramon De Ocampo.I enjoyed it. I plan to read the rest of the series ("Gibraltar Sun" and "Gibraltar Stars").(view spoiler)[They keep expressing how dangerous the Broan are, so I'm hoping there's more to be revealed as to why that is so, because so far it just sounds like empty threats. It sounds like they happened to gain the upper hand technologically before other lifeforms, and therefore can go around bullying everyone. (hide spoiler)]started: 2013- [...]

    • A satisfying military science fiction romp by Michael McColloum. Perhaps slightly inferior to his other series like this, but still very enjoyable. Our protagonist here is initially a not very likeable guy, but over the course of the book he actually undergoes some real (and 'believable') personality changes and becomes a character you are really rooting for.This books sets a real sense of tension, and the twist really is pretty suprising.

    • I liked the twist even with the fact that we knew there was a secret to work out personally I did not see that coming. I think I will stick around with this series. This is the second Michael McCollum book I've read the first being Tau Ceti.

    • Easy read and fun, I read all three books in the series in less than a week. minor negatives for clumsy sexism and some Herman Melville teaches us how to whale moments. Fun orbital mechanics though.I wish the Human Foil would have been more believable. Still a fun and fast read.

    • I'm a big sci-fan but rarely read any sci-fi books. I've read all three of his books from the Gibraltar series and look forward to his 4th and last.

    • I really didn't like the anti-space-exploration and we-must-hide-from-the-scary-aliens plot elements. The book also spent way too much time on politics for my taste.

    • This book is like a prelude to something happening until you reach the 95% marker. Because of that there's no way I could give it 4 or 5 stars but it holds promise for the rest of the series.

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