The Hazards of Hunting a Duke

The Hazards of Hunting a Duke When the three young ladies of the Fairchild family learn that their stepfather has absconded with their late mother s fortune Ava the eldest hunts down the notoriously wealthy rakehell Jared Brode

  • Title: The Hazards of Hunting a Duke
  • Author: Julia London
  • ISBN: 9781416516156
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • When the three young ladies of the Fairchild family learn that their stepfather has absconded with their late mother s fortune, Ava, the eldest, hunts down the notoriously wealthy rakehell Jared Broderick, the Marquis of Middleton and heir to a dukedom Much to her shock and delight, the marquis sweeps her into a whirlwind romance and proposes marriage But after their pasWhen the three young ladies of the Fairchild family learn that their stepfather has absconded with their late mother s fortune, Ava, the eldest, hunts down the notoriously wealthy rakehell Jared Broderick, the Marquis of Middleton and heir to a dukedom Much to her shock and delight, the marquis sweeps her into a whirlwind romance and proposes marriage But after their passionate wedding night, Ava discovers Jared has ulterior motives of his own Not only does he expect her to deliver an heir while he continues to enjoy a rogue s life, but Ava also suspects she is a pawn in her husband s quest for revenge Marriages of convenience work for some, but for Ava a loveless bond won t do So she devises a bold plan to confront her husband s demons so that he might be free to choose to give her his heart for the right reason because she is the only woman he will ever truly desire.

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      Julia London is the New York Times and USA Today best selling author of than two dozen romantic fiction novels She is the author of the popular historical romance series, the Cabot Sisters, includingThe Trouble with Honor, The Devil Takes a Bride, and The Scoundrel and the Debutante She is also the author of several contemporary romances, including Homecoming Ranch, Return to Homecoming Ranch, and The Perfect Homecoming.Julia is the recipient of the RT Bookclub Award for Best Historical Romance and a six time finalist for the prestigious RITA award for excellence in romantic fiction To keep up with all the Julia London news, please visit julialondon Follow her on Facebook at facebook julialondon

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    • This is the second book I read in a row that starts very promising only to ruin everything in less that 80 pages! Jared and Ava seem to be attracted to each other early on and soon they agree to a marriage of convenience. He, to spur his father who wants to choose a bride for him and she, because she's in desperate need for money. However, little by little their fondness and sexual attraction grows into something more. It was nice to see Ava's attempts to seduce her husband and Jared confused wi [...]

    • La puntuación en realidad son tres estrellas y media.Es una novela con una trama típica y bastante previsible, estos dos detalles no tienen que ser negativos. Un matrimonio de conveniencia entre dos personas que casi no se conocen pero que se sienten muy atraídos. La protagonista, Ava, necesita casarse para impedir que su padrastro la case con el primer hombre que pida su mano. El protagonista, Jared, no se quiere casar pero su padre le presiona para que se case y cumpla con su obligación de [...]

    • This is evidence I can't begin to trust the reviews on this site. This may be one of the most poorly written books I've ever read. The plot, what there is of it, is all over the place. The author has no feel at all (and apparently has done no research) for the period. No understanding of the social structure or norms. None of manners. Just dreadful. Not sure I'll make it through. Although when I pay for a book, I like to feel I've gotten something out of it.

    • It's possible I'm feeling harsher than usual because I've read a few books by this author in a row and this one is so much worse than the others. Among other things, this story was a classic, painful Quest for the Three Magic Words. (Followers of my reviews know that I have just inserted an eye roll here.) But I think the thing that really took this from meh to active dislike was the heroine, Eva, who I found to be painfully annoying and melodramatic. More than once, I found myself thinking that [...]

    • Aunque he echado en falta un epílogo, mi amor ha sido absoluto de principio a fin. Jared es ❤️ y Ava me ha encantado. ❤️

    • Seriously, Ms Julia London and I are not exactly getting started on good terms. Second book by her I read, second book that fails to engage me and keep me interested and rooting for the characters all throughout the book. Ava, the female lead is a sweet character. She's a normal girl of her time and station. She's flirtatious and kind. She's beautiful and cares about her family in every regard. She also is inventive and tries to make the best of the cards life has dealt her.Jared, however*le sig [...]

    • Nice & easy read. This is my first Julia London book, and I like the way she writes historical romance (but I still like Julia Quinn's style better). I think the feelings & portrayals of Jared&Ava were very realistic and that's one of the reasons I liked this book.The characters development was quite interesting. Especially, seeing Jared mature and grow to love someone :)On to the sequel now !

    • Handsome rake 1819 English Lord Jared, 30, harassed by his stern father to produce an heir, meets Ava, eldest of the beautiful bright brave Fairchild girls, suddenly at the mercy of a selfish stepfather. The flirting fun start is my favorite part. I basked in descriptions of her loving childhood and aristocratic luxury. Explicit bedroom scenes and a couple unhappy when lust becomes "love" years of this genre have not quenched my real-life cynicism, but I prefer hope to despair and continue are [...]

    • I always love a good "love at first sight" moment but this book didn't have it. In fact, there was a year that passed before they got together again.Middleton is so one-tracked minded that it annoyed me and of course I still end up loving him. Although, I don't have a care for the ending that much. There's not really that big conflict (well, there was but it was just a big fight) or climax in the story that made it more entertaining.I love Ava's character though. She was a drama queen but I blam [...]

    • 3.5I think this book was alright. It started out well, was alright, went downhill but it was redeemed in the end. I thought it ended well and they finally sorted their feelings out. I liked the beginning, mainly because Ava showed some semblance of personality. It was promising. However, there were many things I didn't like about the book and they mostly are the middle parts. I thought her efforts to make a real marriage out of their arrangement was really one-sided. He kept talking about contin [...]

    • DNF @ 15%ishHonestly I maybe could have finished this but there was just nothing interesting or exciting to hold my interest long enough. And I had this backburned for 5 weeks. That should say enough. lol There were one too many predictable cliched tropes in here that I didn't care for. But what really killed it for me (and surprised me the most) was the writing in this. This was my first Julia London book, who I've been meaning to give a try for sometime, but oh man not sure if this was an edit [...]

    • I NEVER WANT TO READ/LISTEN TO THIS BOOK AGAIN.I’ve been on a Julia London STREAK lately. I’ve fallen in love with her stories & character development. I especially liked the heroines as they were practical and not foolish like most in the historical romance genre. Also, if there were misunderstandings, they were mostly solved fairly quickly and not overly tedious. My streak ended with this book. Sure Ava was great for most of the book but alas she changed and in a bad way. I think what [...]

    • If we could give half stars this would get 3.5. It's better than the last series in terms of building good conflict between the characters and giving a satisfying resolution(view spoiler)[, though in the end, everything wrapped up so easily that it felt a bit contrived. Whoosh, and everybody is all happy all of a sudden, with no real explanation why, if it could all be so easily solved, it wasn't before this point. And I never quite grasped the hero's father. If he did indeed want his son to be [...]

    • Second time reading this, and I didn't like it quite as much as the first time around Maybe it was Jared's complete obtuseness at his wife's feelings, or Ava's reactions (especially at the beginning), but I had a hard time enjoying the relationship between husband and wife. I felt like it actually went from a courtship where they knew nothing of one another (1/3 of the book), to a marriage where Jared didn't want to get to know Ava (1/3 of the book), to a marriage where some kind of feeling is f [...]

    • What can I say she has written another great novel!! Hot and Sensual the way I like them those authors that think you can write romance novels without the spice are wrong. They need to learn from London. She makes reading her novels so fluid and smooth pulling you right into the time period, the places and the people. The beautiful way she describes the love scenes, the beautiful Ball Gowns and the Estates and their Gardens is amazing; she makes you feel like you are their. London has NEVER ( so [...]

    • It's my first Julia London book. I think she's a good writer and I like how she manages to render emotions in a very realistic way. But I have to admit the heroine started to annoy me towards the end. At first I quite liked her, but she changed and started behaving like a spoiled brat. Yes, the hero wasn't perfect, in fact he had big "daddy issues", and I understand that the heroine was upset about his confused feelings, but I can't help thinking that her reactions were exaggerated just for crea [...]

    • October 15, 2016Just read this book again after a long time. I almost didn't read it because it I enjoyed it the first time and I wasn't sure if I would still do seeing as I have read a lot of books since then and I an now a bit less carried away but it is still as great as before.There were a couple things that could have been avoided seeing as the problem between the Hero and Heroine could have been solved with a sit down talk and a bit of trust but the plot is as great as I remember it.

    • Ava Fairchild, her sister and cousin are in shock after the untimely death of her mother and her stepfather's departure with their money. He promises to marry them off when he returns so Ava decides to take matters into her own hands and set's her sights on the Marquis of Middleton. He has family obligations and needs a wife and heir so they marry and then the fun begins. This is a normal historical romance and #1 in the series.

    • The first of Julia London's that I read Quite entertaining actually, but I have to admit that this one is not very original, kinda reminds me of some of Marriage of Convenience books I read before Jared - Ava are two people with their own flaws, but as the story move along I found that they are quite likeable characters Nothing really special about them actually but still enjoyable ^0^ Hey what could I say, I'm a sucker for Marriage of Convenience kind of story LOL

    • This book took me a little while to get in to. I think my biggest issue was that I didn't like the characters. They were a little too shallow for me. However, as the book went on, I found myself liking them a little better. There really wasn't much to the plot either. The book description made it seem like there was going to be a big revenge plot line, but alas, there wasn't.

    • Another cheesy, sappy love story from Julia. And I should be ashamed that I am reading all these and reading most in a matter of days but I am not, I just am not. There are entertaining and easy to read and the last 2 in this series will be read on the beach this week and I will enjoy every second! :-)

    • "When the young ladies of the Fairchild family learn that their stepfather has absconded with their late mother's fortune, Ava, the eldest, hunts down a wealthy rake, the Marquis of Middleton who after a whirlwind romance proposes marriage." This is a familiar story, but with a twist about a marrige of convenience, which turns out not to be too convenient. Lovely story with great characters.

    • I just could not help reading and reading this novel until the last page. When I first spotted it in a nearby bookstore and read the review story at the back cover, I thought it had to be an intriguing story as a lady of quality working as a seamstress for a Viscount. Never had I found such a topic.For those who love historical-romance novels, this one is a must !

    • A stupid heroine, an egocentric hero and completely ununderstandable plot make for a bad book. I have just one question - when, oh when and how, oh how did they fall in love? And he isn't a duke at all yet.

    • Para ser el primer libro de esta autora me gusto mucho. Me gusto la alegría de Ava y aunque a veces las cosas se le complicaban no se dejaba

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