Revenge of the Kudzu Debutantes

Revenge of the Kudzu Debutantes kud zu kud z n a ubiquitous vine weed found in Southern climes that left uncontrolled will grow over any fixed object in its path including trees power lines and the entire state of Georgia deb u

  • Title: Revenge of the Kudzu Debutantes
  • Author: Cathy Holton
  • ISBN: 9781400063673
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Hardcover
  • kud zu kud z n a ubiquitous vine weed found in Southern climes that, left uncontrolled, will grow over any fixed object in its path, including trees, power lines, and the entire state of Georgia deb u tante de byu t nt n a young woman making a debut into society, easily spotted in white dress and pearl necklace Common names include Muffy, Bootsy, and Bunny.Eadiekud zu kud z n a ubiquitous vine weed found in Southern climes that, left uncontrolled, will grow over any fixed object in its path, including trees, power lines, and the entire state of Georgia deb u tante de byu t nt n a young woman making a debut into society, easily spotted in white dress and pearl necklace Common names include Muffy, Bootsy, and Bunny.Eadie Boone is no shrinking violet An artist and former beauty queen who married into one of the first families of Ithaca, Georgia, she tackles everything with gusto and flair But tailing her wayward husband proves to be, well, an exasperating chore If only Trevor would just see the light, dump his twenty two year old hussy, and return home, Eadie s creative energy could be put to better use Now all she has to do is convince him.Nita Broadwell, a good Southern girl from a good Southern family, is jolted out of complacency when she discovers condoms in her husband s shirt pocket Maybe he d found them on the ground and picked them up Between clinging to denial and dodging her overbearing mother in law, Nita is also trying to break her addiction to steamy bodice ripper novels Only now it appears she s authoring her own real life romance tale with a hunky handyman thirteen years her junior Lavonne Zibolsky a transplanted Yankee, bless her heart is saddled with planning the annual Broadwell Boone law firm party That and her lackluster marriage have her seeking solace in the contents of her refrigerator If she could just put down the Rocky Road ice cream and peach pie, she might get around to finding a caterer, dropping sixty pounds, and figuring out how to fall in love with her husband again Not necessarily in that order Bonded by years of friendship, these three women discover what else they have in common lying, cheating spouses So they heed their collective betrayals as a wake up call and band together to exact sweet revenge The take charge trio will see to it that the punishment is just, exquisitely humiliating, and downright hilarious.Cathy Holton s debut novel is a delicious yarn of friendship and marriage, secrets and retribution, and how nothing stays hidden for long Against a Southern backdrop of gentility and decorum, Revenge of the Kudzu Debutantes dares to abandon Junior League social graces in ways that would make even Scarlett O Hara blush.

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      394 Cathy Holton
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    • Cathy Holton

      Cathy Holton continues to entertain readers with her stories of strong, intelligent women trying to survive in an often hostile world The Boston Globe says Holton has a lively, fluid style that shifts easily among the viewpoints of several characters and goes down as easily as sweet tea, while Entertainment Weekly calls her prose Sharp, witty, and warm Although grateful for the critical praise, it is the enthusiastic response of readers who tell her they laughed, cried, and let dinner burn while reading one of her novels that inspires her most Sadly, Cathy passed away in 2013 after a long battle with cancer She will be terribly missed by her friends and family Fortunately for her readers, Cathy left behind a treasure trove of finished and narly finished manuscripts We can think of no better tribute to Cathy than to publish these works To that end, her family and publisher are working hard to get these books ready The first of these legacy Novels The Rico Boys is now available on Kindle, with a paperback to follow Other titles are forthcoming.Become a Fan of Cathy Holton on Facebook for free excerpts, giveaways, character interviews and Follow her at cathyholton and on Twitter.

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    • Frankly, this tidbit of a novel provided me with vicarious pleasure, as these three ladies buddied up to plan, protect themselves and help each other rediscover long forgotten strengths. Perversely this could be considered a coming of age yarn, with these women reaching a stage of life where their experience and fortitude matured them sufficiently to ask for respect, and for their self-centred, cheating immature husbands to reexamine their self importance. Lastly, it contains the funniest vignet [...]

    • Her characters are caricatures, she writes the South like someone who's not entirely comfortable there -- her least cartoonish character was the transplanted Yankee -- and everything's resolved neatly with no repercussions (for some incredibly outrageously illegal behavior) in about 20 pages. While I found that tie-up mechanism charming and effective inOne Mississippi, I found it sloppy and irritating in this one.

    • Three women in Georgia learn their husbands have been cheating on them and plot revenge! Then the revenge goes off without a hitch and barely any worrying. And each woman gets what she wants. And all their children are happy and their financial situations are secure. The book could have used a few twists. It was sweet tea without any lemon. It's great to have a happy ending but it's boring when they plan out a scheme, the scheme goes off easily and quickly, and the schemers feel satisfied.

    • I enjoyed this audiobook as a purely escapist, summer read. It was definitely stereotypical in it's characters, but hey, it lead to several chuckles on my part. Once upon a time, I lived in Newnan, GA, only 30+ minutes southwest of Atlanta and I could relate to a lot of the references in this book. All of my husbands' Alabama family say "fix'in" and "ya'll" among many other "Southern" words and phrases. I'm proud to be a Southerner from Arkansas!

    • Loved this book! Being raised in the South, I grew up among a lot of women just like her characters. Strong Southern women, whether from birth or acquiring later in life, every Southern woman has this strength inside her just waiting to appear when she needs it most. I am so heartbroken that the author, Cathy Holton has passed away. I would have enjoyed reading her for the rest of my life. I have three more to go. I look forward to reading the rest! Thank you, Mrs. Holton for the enjoyment readi [...]

    • Holton uses humor to lighten up the realities of some really mismatched marriages. Women tended to enter marriages with a death till we part attitude in the South and in the past. Men, from the South and elsewhere, seemed to lose track of the value of a wife and mother, and feel entitled to dalliances as they grew to take their lovely wives for granted. Historically, there has been a great deal of suffering and abuse in many well intended marriages, due to "expectations," of gender and social cl [...]

    • If you're looking for The Help or Fried Green Tomatoes, DO NOT choose this book to fill that void.It's not that I think this book is particularly bad, I just think it wasn't for me. I'm not really even sure how I came in contact with it and what made me think it would appeal to me. It's far into the ChickLit category which is not usually where my tastes lie.I found the characters terribly uninteresting and found myself through most of the book wondering how they could even let their lives get to [...]

    • The basic premise is that of a Southern-themed First Wives Club. Three women are cheated on and exact revenge on their husbands.I listened to the whole thing, which says something, right? Honestly I just can't recommend it. All of the characters were flat and stereotypical (a blunt, outspoken Northerner? A sex-pot vamp? A sweet, butter-wouldn't-melt homemaker?) and none were likable, even our heroines. It was absolutely unbelievable, while not being so outrageous that it was worth suspending dis [...]

    • Definitely an interesting read. I spoke with the mom about 100 pages in and said "not again, another book that I am not a fan of." I was upset that I have not been reading the "jaw dropping I want to read this again" books that I am used to since I started blogging. BUT alas this book picked up! I am used to the novels where at least one of the characters is closer to my age group. Sometimes it is hard to get into a book when you can't physically relate to a marriage falling apart or dealings wi [...]

    • This book is all over the place so many characters that it is a little hard to follow. I found a few of the main characters incredibly hard to like.I understand why Trevor left Eadie she keeps bragging about how far she has come but she only did so by marrying wealth and not at all on her own merit. She also considers it a virtue to have depleted a home of beautiful furnishings and replaced them with numerous replicas of the same sculpture???? I can respect and enjoy true artists but this seemed [...]

    • Reading this book reminds me the movie "First Wives Club". Three women, married to partners in a law firm have had all they're going to take from their husbands. What the one wives doen't know- is that her husband has been preparing secretely to divorce his wife and leave her nothing. What she does to him is even better. Another one of the wives is married to an absolute control freak- and his mother is not any better. The last of the three wives was already headed for divorce, but her soon to b [...]

    • This book has been compared to THE FIRST WIVES CLUB southern style! At a holiday party three wives discover that their husbands’ annual hunting trip is less about hunting wild game and more about hunting women. After a little time of self-serving pity parties, they get together to plot revenge. Simple things really like arranging this year’s bevy of beauties to be men in drag (always a nasty surprise) or selling a prize antique Duesenberg out from under a husband’s nose. This book does not [...]

    • This book is stereotypical chick lit, which I enjoy if executed well, but it is too light on characterization, plot, and theme for my taste. Initially, the 3 protagonists are indistinguishable from each other. By the time they each become recognizable, they are shrewish, unsympathetic characters. None of the male characters is likeable. I like that the story is set in the South, however, the setting is not portrayed favorably, nor are descriptions of place maximized to flesh out the story effect [...]

    • This book had me laughing out loud. I was unhappy with two stereotype librarian comments/comparisons. Marguerite Gavin did a great job reading this book; her bland Ohio to Georgia transitions, as well as, male to female were exceptional. I had to share with my coworkers some of the gems like the recliner chair "NASCHAIR" race and "Betty Cracker" cooking competition. The revenge was very well thought out, but what actually happened was even sweeter. I was sad when the book ended, but very happy t [...]

    • This book had me laughing out loud! The characters were a hoot and the descriptions of the situations they find themselves in were hilarious! I enjoyed how the author poked fun at the Southern aristocracy. At only 268 pages, the author really had alot going on! I don't usually like when books are part of a series, but I do believe I will enjoy reading the next book, "The Secret Lives of the Kudzu Debutantes"! This is a definite beach/vacation read, as well as, the perfect book to pick you up if [...]

    • I loved this book and laughed like a hyena through a good part of it. From reading other reviews I see that it was not a favorite of a lot of the reviewers, but you can't please 'em all. The plot sort of veered into the improbable, not to mention illegal!, and yes that ending tied things up in a neat tidy bow, but come on people! This is a beach book, chic lit, not War and Peace. If you are looking for a quick, fun, funny read give this one a whirl. Pardon me now, I'm off for some Kudzu Kool-Aid [...]

    • Too close to "The First Wives Club" to keep me happy.This book was very slow to start (it took about 50 pages or more) and most of what was going on was repetitive (nearly word for word form chapter to chapter).None or at least very little humor -or it just didn't hit my funny bone. After a while I started feeling almost sorry for the husbands. And that isn't good when you are supposed to be rooting for the wives!

    • A modern-day "women's liberation" look at three women in a small Georgia town who learn that their respective husbands (partners in a law firm) have been cheating on them. They cook up a plot to punish the men in a way which will free the women to be themselves. The thoughts of the women about themselves are realistically set out, and there is some humor about small-town society (I'm speaking as a person who lives in a similar town).

    • How fun are Cathy Holton's books. The Revenge of the Kudzu Debs was a delightful read. I could be friends with all the girls in this book. I have actually known a few men that are just like the ones portrayed. Their escapades are "real" in the few I know!!! If you believe in Karma you will love this book. The only fault I find is I despise the use of using the word "GD". Kathy could make her point just as well without that!!

    • Loved it! Have read all her books! Nita Broadwell, a good Southern girl from a good Southern family, is jolted out of complacency when she discovers condoms in her husband’s shirt pocket -Between clinging to denial and dodging her overbearing mother-in-law, Nita is also trying to break her addiction to steamy bodice-ripper novels. Only now it appears she’s authoring her own real-life romance tale with a hunky handyman thirteen years her junior.

    • A fun read! The three main characters are women swallowed up by their lives, but not happily so. Sometimes life just goes on, but in this case, learning that their husbands cheated on them shook them loose from the molds they were stuck in and the women they discovered underneath were strong and amazing!

    • Cute story---a spin-off of 1st Wives Club in which the wives have cheating husbands (most of whom have no intentions of divorcing their wives) who discover the infidelities and decide to dump their husbands. A mindless book, sometimes humorous, but what I needed as I prepared for returning to work.I'd rate this as 3.5, but I can't.

    • A; What a FUN book, can't wait to read more in the series. A group of lawyers wives are pulled together and learn their husbands have been cheating on them during an annual hunting trip. There are other areas of unhappiness in the marriages. They work together to create a hunting trip like none other and to provide independence for themselves.

    • I started this book at 2 AM and finished at 3 PM (after three loads of laundry and five miles on the bike.) Most enjoyable and I'm hoping Cathy Holton will write more along this line. Good Southern fiction with interesting characters; some you love, some you hate. Fun!Just looked for more books and I find that Cathy Holton died in May, 2013! So, so sorry. She was a talented writer.

    • I was expecting this book to be funnier. There were funny moments, but overall it was a very serious book. If I'd expected it to be more drama, less comedy, I probably would have enjoyed it more. As it was, I kept waiting for the funny to start. So if you're looking for a girlfriend drama with a feel-good ending, this is your book. If you are wanting a funny gal-pal tromp, this isn't it.

    • I was disappointed in this book. It took a bit to get into it, but once I did it was great. But it felt like a long and winding fuse - I was sure there was going to be a mighty explosion with a fantastic display and waited, eagerly anticipating the bang. Instead, I got a fizzle. Kind of a dud ending.

    • I'm in the middle of this book. I notice that, every afternoon, I think, "I can't wait to go to bed and read." The characters are real and funny, as most Southern female characters seem to be. Lovin' it. -- I ended up loving this and going on to "Secret Lives of the Kudzu Debutantes. Fun reading!

    • A fun, light story about 3 southern friends who come up with a plan of revenge against their respective lying, cheating husbands. The author does great character development; however, I enjoyed her other book more (Summer in the South). Still, a good read and I would read more by her.

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