Obsession Wears Opals

Obsession Wears Opals Darius Thorne has learned to use his wit and intelligence to strategize a better life for himself He is the White Knight amidst the small secret circle of Gentlemen known only as the Jaded The handsom

  • Title: Obsession Wears Opals
  • Author: Renee Bernard
  • ISBN: 9780425259818
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Darius Thorne has learned to use his wit and intelligence to strategize a better life for himself He is the White Knight amidst the small secret circle of Gentlemen known only as the Jaded The handsome scholar shields his heart by keeping a studied distance from the world until he rescues a beautiful woman who literally falls into his hands.Isabel Netherton isn t merelyDarius Thorne has learned to use his wit and intelligence to strategize a better life for himself He is the White Knight amidst the small secret circle of Gentlemen known only as the Jaded The handsome scholar shields his heart by keeping a studied distance from the world until he rescues a beautiful woman who literally falls into his hands.Isabel Netherton isn t merely a damsel in distress A high born lady of quality unwilling to be a pawn, she is defiantly escaping an abusive husband But under Darius protection she discovers an unexpected champion a man who teaches her the power of true desire and what it means to be treated like a queen.However, the law of the land supports her husband s cruel claim It will take all of Darius wit to keep one step ahead of their enemies and protect Isabel In a deadly game of chess, Darius must defeat the Black Knight and sacrifice himself for his Ivory Queen or forfeit all.

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      315 Renee Bernard
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      What in the world is a retired Navy chaplain s daughter doing writing scorching hot historical romances and paranormal graphic novels Renee Bernard is applying a great education from traveling all over the world to story telling and doing her best to keep her father proud Truthfully, her father is her number one fan, even though he has sworn never to read a single word of her books a vow he has kept to this day Nothing stops him from telling everyone he knows that his daughter is now a USA Today Bestselling author or from handing out bookmarks on the golf course Love can make even a minister do strange things Renee Bernard is a freelance writer and host of Canned Laughter and Coffee on Readers Entertainment, as well as a contributor to Romantic Times BookReviews magazine Renee currently lives in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Northern California Note an interesting proximity to great wineries

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    • This is the fifth book in Renee Bernard’s highly addictive Jaded Gentleman series.Darius Thorne is the second son of a dockworker and a fishmonger’s daughter whose drunkard of a father regularly beat his wife and children. Believing he is cursed to become just like his father, Darius pursues an entirely different life, totally immersing himself in scholarly pursuits. He has never let anyone get too close because he’s always been afraid that ‘blood will tell’ and he will hurt someone. H [...]

    • Renee Bernard has outdone herself with Obsession Wears Opals. I couldn't help but gripped by this story. It felt as if it was way too short, coming in at around 300 pages. But's that just because it was just that good.In this book, the hero, Darius Thorne, comes across a half frozen woman in his garden. The woman, Lady Isabel Netherton, is fleeing from an abusive husband. However, in no state to speak, she reveals nothing, and the astute Darius sensing something is wrong, promises he will keep h [...]

    • This started out very well and I was quickly engaged, particular our bookish, bespectacled hero protecting the heroine from her abusive husband. That said, it kind of dragged on too long about 2/3 of the way through with too much sex (and everyone wink-wink and not shocked at all they shared a room). It picked up at the end with the ebil baddie getting his dues, but for numerous typos and dropped words and characters with a bit too much modern mindset all around, I can't rate it higher. Still, n [...]

    • This story has a lot to recommend it, taking the Victorian romance and adding some neat twists. The hunky hero is a scholar, not a nobleman and the lady in distress is rescued first by her horse. There are two suspenseful plots, one about saving the lady and one about legendary jewels. The hunky hero is more beta than alpha, marked by decency and courtesy more than bossiness. (view spoiler)[ He's also the virgin of the two(hide spoiler)] There's a great cast of supporting characters and the stea [...]

    • Darius Thorne is supposed to return to London to confer with the Jaded, but he hasn't yet made his appearance -- and his friends are expecting him and are wondering what is keeping Darius in Scotland.On a snowy, winter's day, a horse jumps over Darius's hedge wall, and breaches Darius's sanctuary. And the horse brought along a young woman.Darius doesn't recognize who she is but he knows two things: one, he needs to see to her and, two, she has a wedding band on her finger.As Darius, his housekee [...]

    • ++Spoilers++I did not read the previous books, and nothing in this one has given me any desire to do so.What started out as a decent beginning quickly went downhill.Instead of a lengthy and time consuming review I will point out what I liked and dislikedLiked:-I Loved the hero. I am partial to nerdy scholarly beta's.-I liked the first chess game they played together - it was unique and oddly seductiveDisliked:-The use of the word "Sex" to describe the male & female anatomy-Too much talking d [...]

    • I was lucky enough to get an early copy of "Obsession Wears Opals" and I am so thankful I did! I absolutely LOVED this book, and dare I say it is so far my favorite of the Jaded series, which mind you, is hard to actually admit, as I have loved them all. If you ever thought a bookworm or scholar wasn't sexy, Darius Thorne, in "Obsession Wears Opals" will change your mind. AND might I add you will never look at the game of chess the same way again. Renee Bernard's fifth book in the Jaded series d [...]

    • Obsession Wears Opals, Jaded Gentleman #5, by Renee BernardGrade: C+“The love of books does not disqualify you as a husband.”Lady Isabel Netherton grew up learning to be a lady so she could one day make a match worthy of her family’s name and position which she thought she made when she married Lord Netherton. Little did Isabel know that her husband’s taste ran dark and she soon found fairytale turned into the worst nightmare imaginable. Fearful that her life would soon be ended Isabel e [...]

    • Darius Thorne is a professor. A scholar. He's also a very handsome man. His life was quiet and full of education until the day she arrived. Nearly frozen and scared to death, Isabel turned Darius' world around in a matter of seconds. Feeling protective of her from the start, Darius soon learned Isabel was an abused woman. Signs of a fresh flogging on her back and the nightmares she had confirmed his suspicion. In no time at all, Darius had lost his heart to "Helen". He knew he shouldn't get so c [...]

    • This is the first book by Renee Bernard that I've read. I really liked the feel and emotional charged characters of the book. The story begins when Darius Thorne finds a woman unconscious on his property and promptly takes her into his home. She has been beaten and is so cold, he's afraid she might perish. Living in Edinburgh, Darius is a scholar as well as a member of a circle of gentlemen known as the Jaded. He notices that his guest is very beautiful and very English. She also has a wedding b [...]

    • What made this book different from many other historical romances is that the heroine is escaping an abusive marriage. We see snipets of it in her memories and dreams and how it's effected her. I really liked her and how Darious fought for her. Of course it was also great to see the other Jaded and their wives.

    • I really enjoyed the book. I loved the bookish, scholarly gentlemen H. The other characters were likable, too, and the plot was done pretty well. But despite how much I liked it, there were some flaws I couldn't overlook in the rating. For one thing, the h overcame her abusive past way too quickly. This is one of my pet peeves, but at least this author did show some continuing problems like nightmares. Also, the book needed more editing. The writing flowed well and I liked the author's style, bu [...]

    • Another wonderful read! Isabel fled her abusive husband and ended up in Darius’s garden. When Darius finds her she’s almost frozen to death and after she is helped he finds out how serious her injuries are. Darius vows he will protect her. As the days go by and Isabel is recovering Darius sees the beauty inside and out. He vows to find a way to get her out of her marriage without being arrested. When he finally meets her husband by accident he vows again to do everything he can to take him d [...]

    • Darius and Isabel. Scholarly hero and abused runaway wife. I felt that the book went along at a nice pace and then at about 2/3 it was cranked up to fast-forward. I loved Darius, Isabel I had no particular feeling for. I couldn't get invested in her. The descriptions of her abusive husband were very descriptive and made my skin crawl! The whole artifact/bad guy after the Jaded is getting worn. Each book in the series gives you a little taste with no resolution. I'm over it.

    • I will never again play a game of chess without thinking of this amazing story! Wow!It tells of abuse of women by one man and also of compassion and love by another with really great main characters.It is a brilliantly written, fascinating concept, wonderful second chances tale, with strong supporting characters and above all, it is a very entertaining page turner.Thanks Renee Bernard, I really enjoyed this story!

    • I have now read two books in this series. They were both pleasant, had good character development and dialog, the romance aspect is nicely done and believable, but there just really isn't a lot of action plot-wise. Both books seemed a bit slow and lacked any sense of urgency and felt rather anti-climactic.

    • Loved loved loved this book, the storyline was engaging from the start, intrigue was afoot, and the Jaded were closing ranks. This story shows the ugly side of a twisted man and the pain inflicted on his bride. When she runs away and is found by Darius, his and her world are changed for the better. So happy for Darius.

    • BEAUTIFUL READDon't you just love it when a plan comes together. I can tell how deeply you love the characters by how much joy they project on these pages. It felt like I was one of the jaded myself. Thank you for an engrossing story, Danny Scott.

    • This is book five of the series. It gives us a little bit of adventure while trying to solve a mystery.The romance was a long winding road to the happy ending. It was good tosee characters from prior books again. I think the next book will bring more danger on the way.

    • Awesome, absolutely awesome!Loved this book from the first word to the last! I will read all her work now without hesitation. Thanks!

    • Very Good Historical RomanceThe Jaded Series is among the best. I liked the integral part that both men and women play in the series.

    • Lady Isabel Netherton thought her life was perfect. She was the daughter of a Marquis, had a spectacular debut, beautiful clothes, the right friends, and a handsome new husband. On her wedding night, her perfect world fell apart. Her new husband was an abusive sadist who got great pleasure in hurting her. When an opportunity came to escape, she took it and ran with no money or clothing. Just her beloved horse, Samson. They rode until Samsom went lame and Isabel collapsed into the gardens of Dari [...]

    • Scholarly Darius Thorne belongs to a secret group of gentlemen known as the Jaded. Working at his home in Edinburgh, he is roused to the plight of an individual who has collapsed upon his land. Darius is drawn to the scared young beauty, and he vows to protect her at all costs. However, the husband seems to have more rights than the wife, and Darius must call on his superior intellect in order to outsmart this bully and save the day.Isabel Netherton believed she had achieved her fairy tale until [...]

    • Reviewed for TwoLips Reviews, LLC5 Kisses, 2 Peppers (M/F, oral sex, extreme sexual depravity of the villain)When Darius Thorne finds Isabel Netherton in his winter garden, she's half dead. She rouses just enough to beg him not to call a doctor, and he realizes she's in some serious trouble. As he pulls off her frozen gloves to rub some circulation back into her hands, he sees the gold ring on her finger. She's married. He gives her shelter and she must be very careful to not be seen, so as they [...]

    • Reread November 20-21, 2017I'm starting this series in the middle, but I think I'll go back to the beginning now. This type of book, a mix of intrigue, danger, friendship and adventure, with some strong relationships forming between characters, is just my cup of tea. I love Darius' intellectuality, trying to solve a puzzle to help keep his friends from a dangerous group who believe in the magic of one of the jewels they own between them. The 6 members of The Jaded are a strong and solid force, h [...]

    • Defies logicRenee Bernard generally writes good stories that are populated with well developed characters in a story that is interesting and engaging. I won't say that she failed completely with "Obsession," but for me, this one fell short of the mark. Darius' character was fairly well developed, but the character of Helen/Isabel didn't seem believable. Without going into too much detail, I just found it hard to believe that any person experiencing the horrors that were part of Helen's/Isabel's [...]

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