Naoki Urasawa's Monster, Volume 3: 511 Kinderheim

Naoki Urasawa s Monster Volume Kinderheim An ice cold killer is on the loose and brilliant Dr Kenzo Tenma is the only one who can stop him Conspiracies serial murders and a scathing indictment of hospital politics are all masterfully woven

  • Title: Naoki Urasawa's Monster, Volume 3: 511 Kinderheim
  • Author: Naoki Urasawa Masaru Noma
  • ISBN: 9781421502557
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Paperback
  • An ice cold killer is on the loose, and brilliant Dr Kenzo Tenma is the only one who can stop him Conspiracies, serial murders, and a scathing indictment of hospital politics are all masterfully woven together in this compelling manga thriller.Tenma s on the run A wanted man, he s the prime suspect for the serial killings he s trying to stop But he still manages to edAn ice cold killer is on the loose, and brilliant Dr Kenzo Tenma is the only one who can stop him Conspiracies, serial murders, and a scathing indictment of hospital politics are all masterfully woven together in this compelling manga thriller.Tenma s on the run A wanted man, he s the prime suspect for the serial killings he s trying to stop But he still manages to edge closer to the truth about Johan s mysterious past, and everything seems to point to a now defunct institution of East Berlin an infamous experimental orphanage called 511 Kinderheim

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      239 Naoki Urasawa Masaru Noma
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    About “Naoki Urasawa Masaru Noma

    • Naoki Urasawa Masaru Noma

      Urasawa Naoki is a Japanese mangaka He is perhaps best known for Monster which drew praise from Junot D az, the 2008 Pulitzer Prize winner and 20th Century Boys Urasawa s work often concentrates on intricate plotting, interweaving narratives, a deep focus on character development and psychological complexity Urasawa has won the Shogakukan Manga Award, the Japan Media Arts Festival excellence award, the Kodansha Manga Award and the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize In 2008 Urasawa accepted a guest teaching post at Nagoya Zokei University.

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    • Still a plot I'm not convinced with, but I found this volume really interesting. We learned more things about the twins' pasts and I enjoyed to follow Tenma in his investigation. As usual, some parts were uncomfortable to read, with evil characters, but the village doctor and the boy were a nice addition who balanced the whole.

    • Todo se pone cada vez más complejo e interesante. Creo que la única fora de no quedarte con las ganas de seguir leyendo es comprarse todos los tomos de una 😭

    • Synopsis Dr. Tenma is from Japan but is working as a brain surgeon in Germany. He’s all set up for a promotion and to marry the head chairman of the hospital’s daughter. That is, everything seems to be going well until he decides to save the life of a young child instead of the right elite politician he’s supposed to be saving. Tenma’s career is already on a downhill spiral after disobeying orders and going against the underlying unfair politics of the hospital, but the consequences beco [...]

    • Dr Tenma is on the run, he is being suspect for murders he didn't commit! He saves a child from abusing foster parent and two people lives. He also learns about an orphanage, 511 Kinderheim where experiments on children happened and where little Johan was put in. Don't you think Inspector Stockinger (Karl Markovics) would be perfect Inspector Lunge?

    • German police are so incompetent and awful at their job, that a unique young and handsome world famous Japanese surgeon (Dr. Tenma) must give up his career and prospects, drop everything, in an unlikely attempt to stop one precocious child serial killer.Ludicrous convoluted plot that makes no sense at all, unless you're a Japanese teenager in luv with Dr. Tenma (obvious Gary Stu). :-( This makes me sad. I loved the first book in the series, it was shaping up to be a great story, d then! What a l [...]

    • Mon tome préféré jusque là, en on apprend bcp sur "Monster" et c'est ce qui fait tout l'intérêt de ce tome. Ce troisième volume nous permet de remonter "aux origines du mal" et de comprendre la psychologie du personnage de Johann. En bref, cette saga se bonifie au fil des tomes et c'est un vrai plaisir à lire !

    • -i liked this volume- i like Dieter, and i hope Tenma can be with him and raise him, but the thing is right now Dieter shouldn't be with tenma, because duh Tenma wants to kill somebody whatver things got a little dull for me, but i still like the series, and i wnt more scenes of Johan

    • I miss Johan! Sure, this volume had its own set of action and suspense but the part about Inspector Lunge and Eva were quite dragging. I did enjoy Dieter being around though, hope he doesn't die :).

    • The volume talks about "Johan" pastCreepy and horrible thingsbut fascinating and I awfully loved it ( if that's even possible)

    • 2.5The initial magic has faded. This was not very interesting and stretched without any purpose :\Hope the story picks up again.

    • A great thriller (in manga form), from Urusawa.This is a seinen manga which is mainly written for college age audience.

    • 3.5 stars. I'm reading this online, so I have no idea that I'd actually finished the book. I think I'm a few chapters into volume 4 now

    • Naoki Urasawa is a fascinating mangaka. As a storyteller, he can rival the authors I've love in the suspense genre like Dean Koontz, Stephen King and so on. Volume 2 and 3 takes us to see Dr Tenma desperately searching for Johan who had turned into a serial killer. His search led him to a journalist who help him locate the other girl - the twin of the boy he saved nine years ago. Following on Johan's childhood, Dr Tenma learned a lot about Johan and his somewhat preoccupation with fear and dying [...]

    • Tentative rating-- either 8.5/10 or 9/10DUDE. This series just keeps getting better and better. I was really skeptical as it began, but it's really hit its stride. SO much happened this volume. There was a good deal of action, the plot got more complex, we got some new characters, and even more awesome stuff. (view spoiler)[Doing this review so that I have a summary of each volume as a point of reference to look back to so that I know what happened in each volume.While chasing Johan, Tenma stumb [...]

    • (Combo review of vol.s 1-3)Dr. Tenma is one of the finest neurosurgeons in Germany and his career is on its way up in a big way. Until, that is, he makes the ill-fated decision to operate on a young boy who has been shot instead of the mayor of Dusseldorf. He thought it was the right decision because the child arrived first, but his bastard of a boss thinks otherwise, and Tenma's career is effectively ruined.until, that is, the head of the hospital dies and Tenma gets his job. Turns out the murd [...]

    • So far, up to Vol. 3, this has been a captivating read. A truly page turner that has a thrilling storyline, exciting plot, and is surprisingly not void of emotions--there are some depictions of warm and touching relationship between people.In Vol.2, we start to see the scope of Johan's connection and his capability of influencing people. What's really interesting is the way he works by not only inflicting fears but also charming his victims. And in Vol. 3 there's story about his past that glimps [...]

    • This is the continuation of the Monster Manga series. Once you start reading the first volume, you can’t put it down! With each volume the plot gets thicker and the suspense increases. I loved how the story takes place over different part of Europe; there is a feel that this is “Jason Borne” in Manga form! I thought it was also neat to see how this was originally in Japanese but the author and the artist gave great attention to detail concerning Europe, it’s “look,” the specific city [...]

    • Monster is a carefully constructed thriller that builds with each passing chapter. It really must be read from the beginning.This is a fantastic volume featuring three multi-chapter tales that are kind of "side stories" but don't feel like it. Everything along Tenma's journey always relates back to his pursuit of Johan and/or revealing important details about our main characters and their personalities. The secondary characters are incredibly well developed and make quite an impression even when [...]

    • After sitting on my shelf and renewing them twice from the library I finally started reading these (after stopping at volume two and not reading much of anything) again. I ended up tearing through them in a couple of days because I needed to know what happened!The story flows so nicely. You're caught in this twilight time. It's not a tv show, it's not a novel, it's both. The suspense is definitely edge-of-your-seat and with each cliffhanger ending you automatically start reaching for the next vo [...]

    • More of a character study than the earlier volumes, this installment of Monster may be slower-paced, but it still presents an interesting series of events. We get a feel for just how far Tenma's notoriety has spread, as well as a greater look into Johan's past and how it's connected to events in East Germany before the wall fell. We also get a new, recurring (presumably) character added to the cast, but I'm really not sure how he's going to fit in in the long run. However, given the quality of t [...]

    • Deep backstory now as a natural consequence of the good doctor's snooping in east germany, and now we're getting into the really creepy shit and imagery that is so uniquely japanese. You know, a little kid with a delighted smile sitting on a throne at the top of the stairs at an orphanage, watching how he had convinced 50 kids in an orphanage to rip each other apart. Classy stuff. Quite sick, but tastefully done. If such a thing can be done, of course.We as readers were given the courtesy to see [...]

    • This is the strongest volume yet. The contrivance that was a bit too apparent in the first two volumes is gone and the plot gets expanded by a big notch. A story about a brain surgeon looking for a serial killer who he saved and feels responsibility over is amplified by a chilling dimension of political thriller. Human experiments and terrorism get connected to the case, and as the plotting and characterization is as excellent as always, excellence ensues.

    • The ending to the volume was a bit cliche, still it was good enough to get 4 stars. This one gives more background on the Monster's childhood and upbringing. Still his past is shrouded in mystery, but now the Doctor knows where he got the training needed to develop himself into the Monster he is now. Also the Doctor gets a companion that might pull him back from going astray if he loses to the human urge of hatred.

    • Naoki Urasawa, Monster: 511 Kinderheim (ViZ, 1995)Urasawa takes a minor break from the plot here (though it does advance in a few scenes) and has Tenma discovering, and then delving into, Johan's origins. Fascinating stuff, if a touch contrived (and far too light on detail). Tenma also picks up an obligatory adorable sidekick here. Fun, as usual. *** ½

    • Un tome plaisant à lire, avec des chapitres qui font avancer l'intrigue (dont une partie des origines de Monster), et d'autres, plus calmes, plus coulants, qui construisent les personnages.Reste toujours ce décalage dans le dessin de certains personnages, mais ça se lit toujours bien, et c'est très bien mené.

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