File M for Murder

File M for Murder Athena College s new writer in residence is native son and playwright Connor Lawton known for his sharp writing and sharper tongue After an unpleasant encounter librarian Charlie Harris heads home t

  • Title: File M for Murder
  • Author: Miranda James
  • ISBN: 9780425246184
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Athena College s new writer in residence is native son and playwright Connor Lawton, known for his sharp writing and sharper tongue After an unpleasant encounter, librarian Charlie Harris heads home to a nice surprise his daughter Laura is subbing for another Athena professor this fall semester It s great news until he hears who got her the job her old flame, Connor LAthena College s new writer in residence is native son and playwright Connor Lawton, known for his sharp writing and sharper tongue After an unpleasant encounter, librarian Charlie Harris heads home to a nice surprise his daughter Laura is subbing for another Athena professor this fall semester It s great news until he hears who got her the job her old flame, Connor LawtonFearing competition for Connor s affections, one of his admirers tries to drive Laura out of town And then, before Connor finishes the play he is writing, he is murdered and Laura is the prime suspect Knowing she s innocent, Charlie and his faithful sidekick, Diesel, follow Connor s cluttered trail of angry lovers, bitter enemies, and intriguing research to find the true killer before his daughter is forever cataloged under M for murderer.

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    • Very good read - much better than the previous one. Things were much more personal for Charlie and his children this time around and it was a good guessing game; I didn't get it all figured out until they did [with the exception of one or two things] and that made it even better, even with the rather anticlimactic ending. Which was kind of needed due to all the climatic shenanigans that went on in the story.

    • It was with some trepidation that I read this book, having not enjoyed the first in the series, but I had nothing else on hand at the time. And often as we know it takes a book or two for a writer to really get into their craft.This volume was much better written, without some of the howlers perpetrated in Vol 2 of the series. However, there is still little to no description of the city or the people that populate it; I still have no idea what the protagonist is supposed to look like beyond bein [...]

    • Charlie Harris is delighted to have his daughter, Laura, in town for the semester teaching drama at Athena College. He’s less excited about having Connor Lawton as the writer in residence since the playwright is nasty man. However, it is still a surprise when Laura finds him murdered late one afternoon. Who hated Connor enough to kill him?Having Laura in town was wonderful since it gave us a chance to get to see a different side of Charlie. We’re actually getting a rather large cast of chara [...]

    • This was the 3rd in the series. I didn't read the first two, but that seemed to be okay. Charlie Harris is a librarian, with a Maine Coon cat named Diesel. His daughter is a suspect in the murder of her ex fiancé. While the story could have been a good one, I just felt little connection with the main characters. And I felt that Charlie (as a good old southern boy) was way to obsessed with good manners. A big disappointment was that the cat was merely a prop, and had nothing to do with helping t [...]

    • I'm about 1/2 way through this 3rd book in the series and what i'd like ot know is this: why does every single meal they eat at home include green beans? Hasnt anyone else noticed this???? Didnt finish it - found the writing a bit bland and the characters annoying with their politeness. yes I did get through the first 2 books and did enjoy ethe first one but this one just annoyed me somehow.

    • Oh my! Librarian Charlie Harris' Athena MS home sure is full! His daughter Laura has moved in. So there are Charlie's 2 borders - Justin and Stewart, his son - Sean, Stewart's dog, Dante, and of course his side kick Diesel - the Maine Coon Cat. Thank goodness his house is large since Laura is teaching at the College for the Fall Semester. How and who helped her get this gig is Connor Lawton. Charlie isn't crazy about the man. He's obnoxious, ill tempered, and still enamored with Laura. There are [...]

    • This book was remarkably similar to the first in this series.The victim is a writer (again.) There are 12 chapters before his death to establish what a bastard he is (again.) And someone close to Charlie is implicated (again.)I find I'm getting a little annoyed with the author's writing and lack of dimension to the characters. Just about every sentence having to do with Deputy Berry refers to how cold and stand-offish she is. We get it. Can you give us something else please?And Diesel is just pl [...]

    • I really enjoy this series. Each book seems to add a likeable new character. The main character, Charlie, is a man, which is refreshingly uncommon in the cozy mystery world. His close family and friends play well off one another and provide interesting ideas to Charlie as he works through the mystery. His giant cat Diesel is so lovable, I wish I had him for my own. Though there were a few parts of this story that seemed a bit more wordy than they needed to be, the plot flowed well and there were [...]

    • Originally published at Reading RealityI am predisposed to like this series. The amateur sleuth is a 50-something librarian named Harris who loves his enormous cat. Said cat is excellent at providing aid and comfort (but mostly comfort) to anyone in his orbit who needs it, and sometimes serves as a great sounding board for his human.We all talk to our cats, and we all believe that they understand at least some of what we say, and vice versa. Diesel, while rather large for a cat, because Maine Co [...]

    • It's funny. I enjoyed the first two books in this series, but in retrospect, I think they had some of the same flaws that will make this book my last. For one thing, it takes about a third of the book for the murder to actually occur. That's almost 100 pages suffering through the murder victim being an asshole, to the point that I wanted to jump into the story and off him myself. I much prefer mysteries where the murder happens quickly so more time can be spent on the actual investigation. Plus, [...]

    • My ThoughtsI always know I can depend on James to satisfy me when I am in a cozy frame of mind. And he didn't disappoint me this time. He hit another ball out of the park with this one. It is Book #3 in the "A Cat In The Stacks Mystery" series.He is now on my list of favorite authors, and if you like cozy mysteries, James books are the bestere is humor and plenty of Southern charm to go aroundAnyone for a glass of Sweet Tea? This cozy mystery makes for a leisurely and enjoyable read.I enjoyed it [...]

    • When Charlie Harris discovers his daughter, Laura has come home and has a job subbing for another professor at Athena College, he is thrilled. He finds out that the person who got her the job is her ex-boyfriend, Connor Lawton, a playwright who is to be the writer-in-residence for the year at Athena. He is an unpleasant man who drinks too much and has a sharp, obnoxious tongue. When Laura discovers Connor's dead body and his death is determined a homicide, she becomes a prime suspect.When Laura [...]

    • Had to start the year with a relaxing, easy to read story due to a major house move and all the delightful associated stresses. This series is fun, with an adorable Maine Coon cat named Diesel. The human characters are okay and can tend towards the annoying, but the plots are fun, and the complete stories are enjoyable, great for the times your brain needs a rest!

    • I don't know WHAT it is about this series that I just love to pieces! It makes me feel so warm and fuzzy! I love the main characters, the setting, and most importantly, DIESEL! Great books and I look forward to the rest of the series, as always.

    • When librarian Charlie Harris' daughter is implicated in the murder of an ex-boyfriend, Charlie and his cat, Diesel, are on the case.These books are light, fun cozies with a Southern neighborhood, people who look out for one another, a house full of interesting characters, and a huge Maine coon cat. The mystery is never too tense, or really even the main focus of the book. It's about taking care of your family and friends while eating good meals and taking short walks. Need a book to pull around [...]

    • Book #6 for 2017; #4 for the Mt TBR ChallengeFollow the Clues Challenge: Chain 1, Clue 3Personal Challenge Task: A book with a cat on the coverHabitica's Ultimate Reading Challenge Task: A book with a cat on the coverPopSugar Challenge Prompts:- A book with a cat on the cover (Do I sense a theme here?)- A book by an author who uses a pseudonym- A book with an eccentric characterThis is a book about a really cool Maine Coon cat named Diesel. And there's a murder mystery, too. But it's mainly abou [...]

    • This series features Charlie Harris who has returned home to Athena, Mississippi to work as a librarian. He also has a sidekick that goes almost everywhere he goes, a rescued Maine coon cat named Diesel. Diesel is happy to don a harness and leash and travel around town with Charlie. Most of the people of Athena have adjusted to this huge cat and realize how friendly he is, they always have pats and treats ready for Diesel.In File M for Murder, Charlie is surprised when his daughter, Laura, retur [...]

    • File M For Murder is book 3 in the Cat In The Stacks mystery series. I have to admit, I fell in love with the kitty cat on the cover. I'm a sucker for cozy mysteries with cats or dogs in prominent roles. I loved Diesel from the start, but Charlie was harder for me to warm up to. I give props to Miranda for writing the cat as a real character with a great kitty personality.Having a male character as the amateur sleuth in a cozy series is something different. I was intrigued by that, however, I fo [...]

    • Book 3 in the series begins with Charlie’s daughter, Laura, returning home to teach a semester of theater at Athena College. She got the job via the college’s writer in residence, Connor Lawton, whom she was briefly engaged to. Charlie, his faithful Maine Coon cat, Diesel, and Charlie’s son, Sean, set out to prove Laura’s innocence.This was a pleasant, quiet read and held my interest all the way through. I have seen reviewers complain the pace is too slow and that Charlie comes across as [...]

    • Charlie's daughter Laura comes to Athena to work in the Theatre Department for a semester. Her former boyfriend, an arrogant playwright called Connor Lawton, had recommended her for the job, since he is working for a year in the Theatre Department. Connor Lawton is writing a play for the Theatre students to perform, but he is constantly belittling the performances, and rewriting the scenes each evening. Laura is fed up with him, but tells her dad that he is really brilliant. A few weeks later, L [...]

    • If you're looking for a polite, genteel cozy-mystery and you like cats, this series might be worth checking out. Diesel the cat is enough to make anyone want a cat and the mysteries are fairly solid as well. The plot of this, the third in the series, I found interesting - a lot of suspects, a couple of twists and at least one red herring.I gave this book only three stars because for me the characters are bland. To me, it felt as if it's a play where the characters are all on valium, just reading [...]

    • Charlie Harris and Diesel are back. This story involves his daughter after her ex-boyfriend is murdered. I think this one would have been 3.5 stars. The story was entertaining and it was wonderful to spend time with Charlie and Diesel again but the conclusion was just plain anticlimactic. Actually the lack of dramatic climax was discussed in the storyline at the end of the book so even the characters new this one didn't go out with a bang. Still a very enjoyable read!

    • Another book, another murder to solve. Now we have the added characters of both of Charlie's children as his daughter, Laura, moves back to stay with him for a while. Forbidden romance and jealousy all combine to produce- you guessed it, another dead body. The suspect list is long, but between delicious snacks, Charlie will solve the case! Four stars.

    • Charlie Harris is enjoying his life in small town Athena, Mississippi - aside from the fact that egotistical playwright Connor Lawton is making him miserable. It seems he's in town to hone a play at the college, and he's being a pain in the rear to everyone he meets.But when Charlie's daughter Laura arrives, it's a welcome surprise. Laura is conducting a semester at the college teaching acting, and it's an unfortunate occurrence when Charlie discovers that Connor and Laura once dated. Everything [...]

    • The mystery element continues to be the weak part of this series. There are so many unlikable characters, especially the victim. I've resigned myself to ignore the mystery and just concentrate on Charlie, Diesel, and their immediate circle.I do like Charlie, the main character, and enjoy seeing the changes he's undergoing in the series. He used to be pretty much in his own little world with his cat, Diesel, but his small circle is widening and he's opening up more. His adult son is now staying w [...]

    • Now that the whole family is here, Charlie's son the cigar smoking, boring attorney, and his daughter, the actress, temporary acting teacher/foil who I swear spends more time resting from the drama than anything else. And what about Diesel. I'm still waiting for this cat to take a more active role in solving mysteries than being a conversation piece. I mean, how many times can you say "what is that, it looks to big to be a cat!" You can skip 75% of this book and go straight to chapter 39. Captai [...]

    • Wonderful Read!This is my third Cats in the Stacks mystery. I am really enjoying this series. Incredibly well-written, I have had to break out the dictionary for at least one word in each of these books, and I don't consider myself a slouch when it comes to the English language. The characters are increasing with every addition to the series. The more, the merrier, because Ms. James is so clear in her writing, it's almost impossible to lose track of people and places. I'm such a cheapskate, I cr [...]

    • I love the Cat In The Stacks Mysteries. Charlie (the main character) and his Main Coon cat Diesel are lovable characters. The book is excellent. I did kind of feel like he gave too much attention to sheltering his adult daughter. The storyline again is fun and I am looking forward to reading more in this series.

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