Crossroads Road

Crossroads Road Jovis McIntire s quiet life in the suburbs is turned upside down the day his mother in law wins million in a multi state lottery She quickly makes an identical offer to all her children and their

  • Title: Crossroads Road
  • Author: Jeff Kay
  • ISBN: 9780983335801
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jovis McIntire s quiet life in the suburbs is turned upside down the day his mother in law wins 234 million in a multi state lottery She quickly makes an identical offer to all her children and their families a large, custom built home, and two million dollars cash But there s a catch, a nasty hook hidden inside the bait If the deal is accepted, they will be requiredJovis McIntire s quiet life in the suburbs is turned upside down the day his mother in law wins 234 million in a multi state lottery She quickly makes an identical offer to all her children and their families a large, custom built home, and two million dollars cash But there s a catch, a nasty hook hidden inside the bait If the deal is accepted, they will be required to live together on a newly created cul de sac in southern California, for the remainder of the matriarch s life a woman Jovis sarcastically calls Sunshine Not a chance And that would only be the beginning of it, he knows The rest of his wife s family is no prize, either Nancy the bohemian earth child with organic, free range armpits, Kevin the pompous scarf wearing intellectual, Sue the 400 pound attention junkie who throws herself down flights of stairs for sympathy Jovis sees them all as kooks, in one way or another, and they want him to live amongst them Not for a million bucks Or two million, even.But his defiance begins to fade when Jovis returns to his job, and realizes he s now there by choice.Crossroads Road is the first novel by Jeff Kay, proprietor of the popular humor site The West Virginia Surf Report It is a rollicking comedy, perfect for fans of National Lampoon s Vacation, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and It s Always Sunny in Philadelphia An early reader called the book relentlessly hilarious.

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    • Jeff Kay

      Jeff Kay read his first issue of MAD magazine when he was eight years old, and it flipped some kind of switch inside him that s never been unflipped.Throughout the 80s and 90s he published a humor zine called The West Virginia Surf Report , and moved it to the internet in late 2000 That website became a popular destination for folks whose own switch had been flipped along the way It remains active today.In 2011 his first novel, Crossroads Road, was published Many people loved it, while others said it offered no redeeming social value Just like they used to say about MAD Jeff Kay lives in Clarks Summit, PA, with his wife Toney, their two teenage sons, and a fantastic border collie named Andy.

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    • I first read Jeff Kay’s Ridiculous Adventures in Suburbia: Best of the West Virginia Surf Report, Volume One which is a collection of posts from his on-line journal/zine/blog before buying this book. The funniest parts involved the true adventures of his mother-in-law and her husband, Sunshine and Mumbles. So what does Jeff Kay do for an encore, he creates a fictional Sunshine and Mumbles, has them win the lottery and wreak even more havoc on their families.Sunshine (with her husband mumbling [...]

    • I kept putting this book down and walking away for a while. This wasn't because it's a terrible book or because I hated it. I did it for the opposite reason: I didn't want the story to end.As a long time "Surf Reporter" (WVSR fan), I am familiar with many of the characters in this novel. Some are predictable in their insanity, others in their strength and humor. This book will remain on my shelf for years to come, and will be an old 'standby' to re-read for comfort, fun and distraction as needed [...]

    • This is a fun, light read that had me laughing and held my attention throughout. Despite the absurdity of the people and situations, the plot had substance. Beneath the craziness is the question of how much of your privacy - and sanity - you would give up for financial comfort. The characters are well developed lunatics. Jeff Kay's writing has a great flow and I could see the scenes playing out in my mind as I read. This book has the added benefit of making you appreciate your own crazy family a [...]

    • Too funny!This was freaking hilarious! I thought my family was a little crazy but they got nothing on this family. They seemed like they were a nightmare, crazy and didn't even know how nuts. I'm surprised Jovis didn't got crazy after a few weeks, I probably would have. The mother in law was the ringleader of the group and not even a new house and the promise of $2 million would make me live near her or follow her ridiculous rules. If you're looking for a laugh, definitely check this out!

    • Crossroads Road by Jeff Kay is the very funny tale of what happens when the answer to all your hopes turns out to be the key to a whole new set of problems. Imagine you’re desperate to start again, to break away from the humdrum banality of life and enjoy a quieter existence. Imagine a relative wins millions of dollars and offers to buy you a house and give you enough money to make sure you can have a substantial break from work, as long as you’re careful with the money. Wouldn’t it be a d [...]

    • You are at the cinema really enjoying a movie and, BAM, it is over and you are not ready for an ending. You swear the movie was only 30 minutes long even though it was two hours. Deja Vu - Crossroads Road fits this scenario completely. I was in no way ready for it to end.This book is an insight into a hilarious dysfunctional family through the eyes of a wannabe writer Jovis (Joseph) McIntire. He is probably the only sane adult member of this extended family and is the narrator of this hopefully [...]

    • I won this book from LibraryThing's Member Giveaways.This is one of the funniest books I have read in a very long time! This is a book about a seemingly "normal" family of four living in Pennsylvania. Jovis (which is a name his younger brother came up with when he couldn't pronounce Joseph) and his wife Tara live with their two sons in a suburban Pennsylvania town, both working to make ends meet. Out of the blue, Tara's mother wins the lottery and makes a deal for Tara and her brother and sister [...]

    • Crossroads Road was offered free as a Kindle edition, and for this reason alone I began reading without high hopes. However, once I started to read I couldn't stop! Jeff Kay's first novel revolves around Jovis and members of his wife's extended family. When his crazy mother-in-law wins the lottery, the entire brood moves in when she offers two million dollars and a new house per family as an incentive.This novel is incredibly witty and humorous. I think my favorite parts were in relation to the [...]

    • Imagine being offered brand-new house, free and clear, and two million dollars to boot, would you take it? Just to make things interesting, there's a little catch. To get the money and the house, you have to move into a family-compound of sorts with a cast of crazy, egocentric, borderline-certifiable in=laws. So would you do it? More importantly, would you be able to hold on to your sanity if you did?That's the crux of this rip-roaring journey into the land of insanity. Add to that a controlling [...]

    • I picked up this short novel on the recommendation of a friend of mine, and read it in an afternoon. The premise is simple - is it worth putting up with your crazy inlaws for a free amazing house and two million dollars in the bank? That's the question that Jovis faces after his nutso mother-in-law wins $234 million in the lottery, and how he and his wife Tara live with the consequences of their decision is the focus of the book. The different characters are well fleshed out and quite descriptiv [...]

    • A Cheerfully Amusing QuirkfestSometimes when you have a sitcom style book loaded with quirky characters the edge gets dull pretty quickly and you end up with a bit of a slog. The beauty here is that Kay has taken an excellent setup and just keeps piling on without running out of gas. The "incident" that ends the book is as amusing as the earlier chapters that set everything up.It helps that our hero/narrator is just nuts enough himself and just grounded enough that he can tell the story and keep [...]

    • Everyone has heard that winning the lotto is bad luck, whether it was on Lost or in general conversation. Crossroads Road is the hilarious tale of what could happen when your crazy mother-in-law wins the jackpot. The main character and narrator, Jovis, is like anybody you meet on the streets today. The story was written in a way that made Jovis feel as though he was sitting across a table from you, retelling the story of what happened to him in his own words. The story keeps moving and has crazy [...]

    • What Crossroads Road is, is crazy funny! I couldn't stop laughing at all the funny situations this family got themselves into and the way that the main character described every situation. This book was a real page turner and I had a hard time putting it down. I wanted to know what would happen next and how much more chaos would take over these character's lives. I would have easily rated this book four stars, but ended up dropping it down to three because there was so much going on in the chara [...]

    • I hate the title. But then, I’m supposed to - you’ll work out why when you read this. I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy this excursion into dysfunctional family life, but Jeff Kay’s situations and the observations of the “normal” narrator of the story piqued my interest and often made me laugh out loud. As far as the plot goes, Donna, matriarch of the family wins millions on the lottery and offers all her kids a house and $2 million, if they agree to move into the new development sh [...]

    • I laughed all the way through this book. I didn't chuckle, or snicker - I literally laughed out loud, sometimes for several minutes. It's a fun read, and a quick one - overall a great first effort from the WVSR's Jeff Kay. (If you haven't checked out his blog, you are missing out by the way!)The only reason I gave this 4 instead of 5 stars is the ending - the last two chapters seemed like maybe they should have been switched in order, and some of the plot lines felt a little rushed to resolution [...]

    • I won this e-book from LibraryThing Members Giveaways. I was expecting this to be a highly entertaining story about adapting to life with the highly dysfunctional in-laws all living in a purpose built cul-de-sac. Yes, it was quite amusing as far as mild entertainment goes. Once again, I struggled with the writing style but this could be a 'lost in translation' thing as I am not American and I don't know the places where the book is set. Therefore I cannot judge the writing style on accuracy. Thi [...]

    • Both the author and his characters are “smart alecs”. The story started off as a humorous look at the life of a middle-class fellow in a job he only tolerates with a group of in-laws, coworkers and neighbors that are, to say the least, unique. However, the continuous string of wisecracks, unlikable people and bizarre situations soon made the book tedious. Life was presented as something to be endured. The book attempted to build to a climax the central character called the “incident”, bu [...]

    • This book was highly entertaining, and laugh-out-loud great. Until the end. I'm not sure what happened, but I'm suspecting maybe editing had something to do with it. It seemed like all the energy was poured into the story, then someone popped the tire. Regardless, I'm still willing to say I thought it was hilarious and a great lesson in building characters. Oh my goodness. The story was totally unique-- at least, I'd never read anything with this storyline. Yes, there was language. Normally, I'd [...]

    • Got this as a free copy in exchange for a review. Loved it! It was a lot of fun, all about a very dysfunctional family that are all coerced into living in the same cul de sac after the mother of them wins millions in a lottery. She offers 2 million to each of her children and a luxury house if they will live as her neighbours. We get to meet all the siblings and their families, and they're all bonkers in one way or another. The story narrator comes across as the most normal. Will all of the craz [...]

    • An extremely humorous look a one man’s wife and her family of unique characters.His mother-in-law wins the lottery and decides to build a cul-de-sac for her family to live next to her, and give each of the $2 million dollars. Would you be willing to pick up your family and move next to your mother-in-law knowing she paid for the house?Add to the mix a collection of siblings and their spouses, each of whom has their own trait, earth child, obese beyond healthy, etc.A definite read for those wan [...]

    • This book reads like a blog. Not that there's anything wrong with that. :-)The characters are broadly drawn but realistic, if the reality shows I watch are an indication of realism. I can't say that I like any of them -- not even Jovis -- but maybe I'm not supposed to. Finished. I can't say it was a waste of time, but I'm glad I didn't pay for it. Only one scene was funny to me -- when Jovies was helping his sister-in-law move -- but it was more infuriating than funny, now that I think about it. [...]

    • This was by far one of the funniest books I've read in a long time! Anyone w/a family (dysfunctional or not) can appreciate the humor in this book and empathize w/the main character, Jovis, who is being driven crazy by his entire family-in-law. His mother-in-law, Sunshine, hit a multi-million dollar lotto and decides to buy an entire cul-de-sac in California and begin filling the brand new homes with family members. Poor Jovis really is one of the few sane people in this story and I was really L [...]

    • I hesitated writing this review because I saw how much other people liked the book and how well reviewed it was. I've only read the first about 20 pages (read it on kindle, so not totally sure), and I've stopped. I was excited for a light hearted kicky funny read but the protagonist goes for the cheapest of laughs. A fat woman gets stuck in a bathroom? Wow. Mind boggling creativity. But, apparently other people could get past these offensively boring side bars, maybe the book is good?

    • OMG! This novel cracked me up! The narrator has a twisted sense of humor, much like myself, so I appreciated it. I laughed out loud OFTEN! The story centers on a man whose mother-in-law wins a crazy amount of money in the lottery then offers her family $2 million and a custom built house with the agreement that they all move into the same neighborhood created by her: Crossroads Road. Everyone is dysfunctional to the max and the bizarre dynamics make for a hilarious read.

    • Within the first chapter or so, I laughed til I cried. Unfortunately the humor and language progressively got worse as the book went on, which may or may not have been a product of the circumstances Jovis and his family found themselves in. They quickly discover that their initial instinct was "spot on", that there is no such thing as a "free house" and money, and that some things are more valuable than material possessions. Like your sanity, for instance.

    • Thought the book was funny and held my attention, especially at the beginning as all the other characters were introduced. As the book progressed I disconnected from the main character, because of his actions. I felt a feeling of dread as he was slowly turning into what he disliked, his goal always out of reach. Felt it was a good short read.

    • What happens at the CrossroadsRidiculous with absolutely zero substance, but well-written and utterly hilarious!! This is never going to be a classic, nor will it make any special acclaimed lusts. However, this was just what I needed to lift my mood and I actually literally laughed at loud more than once! I'm a new fan!

    • Some bad language, but OMGosh- between my husband's family and mine we could have cast this book. So freaking funny when you KNOW there are people who are REALLY like this. I would NEVER, EVER, NEVER, EVER, NEVER live in a neighborhood with people like this!!!! There is simply not enough money in the world to compensate!! ;-)

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