Bad Island

Bad Island Something on this island is up to no good When Reese is forced to go on a boating trip with his family the last thing he expects is to be shipwrecked on an island especially one teeming with weird p

  • Title: Bad Island
  • Author: Doug TenNapel
  • ISBN: 9780545314794
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Something on this island is up to no good .When Reese is forced to go on a boating trip with his family, the last thing he expects is to be shipwrecked on an island especially one teeming with weird plants and animals But what starts out as simply a bad vacation turns into a terrible one, as the castaways must find a way to escape while dodging the island s dangerousSomething on this island is up to no good .When Reese is forced to go on a boating trip with his family, the last thing he expects is to be shipwrecked on an island especially one teeming with weird plants and animals But what starts out as simply a bad vacation turns into a terrible one, as the castaways must find a way to escape while dodging the island s dangerous inhabitants With few resources and a mysterious entity on the hunt, each secret unlocked could save them or spell their doom One thing Reese knows for sure This is one Bad Island.

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      Doug TenNapel is the Eisner Award winning writer artist of over sixteen graphic novels He is published by Image Comics and Graphics.He s been married for 27 years to the love of his life and has four book loving kids.Doug s favorite authors include G.K Chesterton, C.S Lewis and J.R.R Tolkien He reads mostly philosophy but tends to get his fiction from audio books.He currently lives in Franklin, Tennessee.

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    • It’s enough to make you want to take up brain surgery. I read some comics for kids and I can hardly move through the recycled tropes and old overdone ideas cluttering up the pages. Then I read a book by Doug TenNapel. When the man’s Ghostopolis came out last year I was delighted. Sure, we’ve all seen the idea of the afterlife as a city done before (May Bird, Billy Bones, etc.) but TenNapel’s storytelling managed to incorporate this odd and unique internal logic that I’d never seen anyw [...]

    • 4.5 StarsBad Island by Doug TenNapel asks the question—Just how bad can the family vacation possibly get? :) This colorful, in your face, action packed comic is full of surprises and heart. It’s BIG heart shows and beats on every page!Mom, Dad, Reese, and Janie set out rather reluctantly on a family boat trip that runs into all kinds of bad when they hit rough waters. Nothing derails a family vacation faster than a good ‘ole fashion shipwreck! After washing ashore Bad Island, the story tur [...]

    • Teenage Reese is not looking forward to his family’s vacation – they’re going to have an adventure on his parents’ boat and he would rather stay at home. But the vacation quickly goes from bad to worse when they’re caught in a freak storm and become stranded on a mysterious island. When they start exploring, they quickly realize that it’s full of strange flora and fauna – like nothing they’ve ever seen before – and most of it is hostile. By working together, the family is able [...]

    • We have really enjoyed reading Doug TenNapel's graphic novels (like Ghostopolis and Cardboard), so when I saw this book at our local library, I was very excited to check it out. This book presents an intense tale of a family's summer adventure gone awry mixed with glimpses of Transformer-like alien giants at war with another empire. The book weaves two disparate tales together in a dramatic and fantastic manner, with a climactic and somewhat parallel ending that is very satisfactory. I love that [...]

    • This was my third graphic novel by Doug TenNapeld it was good. I guess. Kind of like Cardboard, there were good elements, and there were not-so-good elements. What first stuck me as a little off were the first few pages. Full page spread, one right after another. Some pages went by with me not understanding what I was seeing. The technical aspects of the scene were great, well rendered and colorful, but the first few pages of the book weren't really adding anything to me. Even after the reveal, [...]

    • "'Nope. This island was populated only by hostile creatures and I think it was intentional!''But who would do that? The military? Some greedy, corrupt corporation?''Son, you've watched too many movies.''Then who? Canada?'"After a forced "fun" family vacation turns disastrous, Reese and his family find themselves shipwrecked on a remote island, surrounded by strange plants and wildlife. What the family soon discovers is that the island is the direct product of an ancient battle waged beyond our [...]

    • This is the third graphic novel that I've read by Doug TenNapel and although it wasn't as good as his other two book I've read. I definitely recommend his books.Bad Island is about a family going on a boat trip. There are two main characters: The Family and the Aliens. The family starts out leaving the house. Reese the eldest child is upset that he has to go on this dumb family vacation and admits later in the book he planned on running away. Janie the little sister is a typical annoying kid sis [...]

    • I liked this comic book because it was really funny that Janie got lost and that Mr. Pickles died, when Reese didn't want to go to the trip during in the weekend that he wanted to stay home by himself. That Reese and Janie found a rock that had a correl in it like a swirly thing on it. When Reese saved his parents and killed some creature with a gun when they got saved by a man and when Reese killed the Giant and one animal helped the family so they couldn't be in danger.

    • I really like this book because it is really interesting. I liked the part when the little girls snake died and she steel pretended that it was alive.

    • Story: 5 starsArt: 5 starsFull-color teen graphic novel with a really inventive science fiction premise. Could probably also be read by older middle schoolers who like action and don't scare easily. Art and coloring are exceptional. Like all of TenNapel's books (Ghostopolis & Cardboard), this one features a broken family who begins to change and heal through their adventure. I really love that aspect of his work.

    • Just okay.It was imaginative (think disconnected family comes together on wayward family vacation when they stumble upon Lost) but wasn’t really my thing. You could tell the author was creating a richer universe that goes beyond our recognizable world, but it felt too alien and like the characters took it too much in stride rather than reacting to the sheer otherworldliness. Then again, perhaps I’m being way too harsh and it’s probably written for much younger and less critical readers!

    • I'm enjoying Doug's graphic novels with my 7 year old boy. He was most engaged in this one, turning the pages before i got to read them to him, to see what will happen next.It's a great family adventure on an unknown island. Weird, strange, a bit scary, a bit innocent, wonderfully imagined world. Both of us enjoyed it and loved it. Each TenNapel's comic has a nice message at the end and this was no exception.

    • This book was a lot better than I expected. The family dynamic was wonderful and there was pretty good charioteer growth for a stand alone graphic novel. The art was really unique and the creatures were very interesting.

    • In the novel Bad Island by Doug TenNapel is about a boy name Reese and his family that gets stranded on an island. The artists shows his art work by using bright and dark colors through out the novel. This comic made me feel what Reese and his family went through to survive on the island. The author gave a clear message of what happened to Reese and his family through out the comic. I would recommend this comic because it is easy to understand and what is going on through out the novel.

    • Category: Fiction (Fantasy)Source: 2012 Children’s Choice AwardsWhat a better way for a family to bond than by going on boating trip and becoming ship wrecked?! Reese's dad is forcing him and his family to go on a boating trip in order to bond. Reese has been so disgusted with his family that he has been contemplating on running away, so this is the last thing that he wants to do. Despite good weather, the sea is very choppy, leaving the family ship wrecked on a strange island. Luckily, Reese' [...]

    • This was ok; there were certain "YA" aspects of it that made it not really my cup of tea, though it most definitely would have been, say, 15 years ago. I think the humor for me wasn't funny and took away from the story - it was goofy and it took away from what could have come across as dark and mysterious and so forth. My other criticism was that the mysteries and creatures were too many, and too quickly defeated, and didn't have enough backstory. I guess if you put things on a spectrum, with so [...]

    • Young Reese has no interest in going on a boat trip with his family, but isn't given a choice. Along with his younger sister Janie and his parents, Reese soon discovers that staying at home might have been a good choice for all of them. Caught in an unexpected storm the family finds itself marooned on an island that might be much more than any of the could have foreseen. There are strange plants and animals on the island, some of which are not harmless. Worse there appears to be someone or somet [...]

    • The title is no joke. This island is very bad. Although Ghostopolis's setting may have appeared darker than this, I was far more creeped out by the content here. We meet all kinds of warped and lethal animals, including the villainization of one of my most favorite icons. The illustrations of the bad, bad things are spikey, unnatural, and assymetrical. Very very ugly for a book this cartoony. There is a dark otherworldly reason the island is the way that it is, and an unfortunate family ends up [...]

    • This intermediate book is a graphic adventure-mystery for preteens that tells a parallel story of two adolescent boys from different worlds. Haidyn could read this book independently or share it with a partner. There is much to share in this story. The rebellious teens’ lives intersect when Reese’s vacationing family is stranded on a strange and dangerous island. Eager to prove himself, Reese rises to the occasion time and again to protect and save his family from the dangers of this strange [...]

    • I read "Bad Island" by Doug Tennapel. This book is full of surprises, so theres not much I can say without spoiling anything, but I'll do my best. There is a family of four getting ready to go on a boat trip. Theres a dad, Lyle; a mom, Karen; and their son and daughter, Reese and Janie. They go out on a boat trip but there is a big storm and their boat crashes. Then they all wake up stranded on a deserted island all alone. And throughout the book they see strange things and learn that the island [...]

    • Two stories, seemingly unconnected, come together in this sophisticated graphic novel filled with panels that range from a simple close-up of a boy's face filled with disappointment to panels filled with the bones of creatures starting to knit together. The stories turn out not to be all that unrelated after all since both deal with sons rebelling against the fathers they love. Yet, in that timeless coming of age necessity, that rebellion is to expected and even necessary for the sons to come in [...]

    • Little more than a thousand years ago on a distant planet, large and small creatures needed one another in a symbiotic relationship. When the prince of one of the large creatures manages to get kidnapped, however, few would see what effect that might have on the future. Fast forward to today and a typical American family is getting ready to go on vacation. Teenaged Reese would much rather stay home by himself but that is clearly not an option. When the family accidentally washed up on a strange [...]

    • Katie YoungGraphic NovelThis story is two stories in one. It starts out in an alien world with giant rock inhabitants who are being threatened with slavery. War breaks out and then the story jumps to Reese and his family’s vacation. They end up shipwrecked on an anything but normal island and realize they are stranded with strange creatures and surrounded by weird plants. Reese’s parents are kidnapped by these creatures and it is up to him and his snake loving sister Janie to save them. All [...]

    • More somewhat light TenNapel fun and strangeness, which is exactly what I needed this week. Not too complicated a read, but complicated enough that I'm too curious to not read it in two and a half sittings. I supposed the initial pop and crackle of reading some of his other books might be a little lighter here, but I'm not faulting it that, because it's pretty art as ever I'd hope for in his books. I don't know what I'm getting at. He still makes consistently cool books, so I'll read each and ev [...]

    • I recently read Bad Island. This book is full of Action: Like when the skeleton was resurrected and hunted them down or when the tiny people kidnapped Jane or when the dinosaur bones are resurrected and trie and kill the main characters. Suspense: Like when the parents are in the monster/robots stomach about to be pushed into the DIGESTIVE acid! Or when the kids are running from the little people! Or when the huge storm wrecks the boat and there stuck on the Island! Well there are a lot more cha [...]

    • A family vacation is turned into a dangerous adventure when they crash on a mysterious island inhabited by strange plants and animals. Soon enough, the parents are captured by some animal guys and the others set off to get them back, putting the four of them at risk. Can they solve the mystery of this Bad Island and get off of it, or end up like the dead guy they found?This was a great book, and if you enjoy it (which you probably will), then go read some of Doug TenNapel's other books. They're [...]

    • Aliens, comedy, suspense--this graphic novel has it all. A very clever tale centers around a shipwrecked family who has to work together to uncover the secrets of the island they have landed on. I like the positive family dynamics through the story--the parents are not depicted as complete morons while the kids save the day; instead, the family solves a dilemma together. Characters are likable, the artwork is imaginative and fun, and the story line is original.

    • A typical American family sets out on a sailing vacation. Dad is gung-ho, Mom and the rest are reluctant. A storm comes up, the ship goes down, but the family makes it to safety on a island. But the island has some strange things happening. Weird creatures, dangerous fauna. Will the family survive or destroy themselves by infighting. A great story of a family realizing their talents and working together. I also appreciated the father being male hero. That doesn't happen often. Amazing graphics.

    • Reese doesn't want to go on the boat trip with his family, especially not with his father. When the boat trip goes sour, the family (father, mother, Reese and little sister) get thrown into some hot water, forcing them all to rethink their relationships and how they see each other.On the other hand there is an epic battle to keep slavers away from a humanoid race on another planet. How does this tie in? Read on

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