Knowledge is Beautiful

Knowledge is Beautiful In this sequel to the bestselling book The Visual Miscellaneum author David McCandless uses stunning and unique visuals to reveal unexpected insights into how the world really works Every day every

  • Title: Knowledge is Beautiful
  • Author: David McCandless
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  • Page: 195
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  • In this sequel to the bestselling book The Visual Miscellaneum, author David McCandless uses stunning and unique visuals to reveal unexpected insights into how the world really works.Every day, every hour, every minute we are bombarded with information, from television, from newspapers, from the Internet, we re steeped in it We need a way to relate to it Enter David McCaIn this sequel to the bestselling book The Visual Miscellaneum, author David McCandless uses stunning and unique visuals to reveal unexpected insights into how the world really works.Every day, every hour, every minute we are bombarded with information, from television, from newspapers, from the Internet, we re steeped in it We need a way to relate to it Enter David McCandless and his stunning infographics, simple, elegant ways to interact with information too complex or abstract to grasp any way but visually McCandless creates visually stunning displays that blend the facts with their connections, contexts, and relationships, making information meaningful, entertaining, and beautiful And his genius is as much in finding fresh ways to provocatively combine datasets as it is in finding new ways to show the results.Knowledge is Beautiful is a fascinating spin through the world of visualized data, all of it bearing the hallmark of David McCandless s boundary breaking, signature style The captivating follow up to the bestseller The Visual Miscellaneum, Knowledge is Beautiful offers a deeper, ranging look at the world and its history, with connectivity between the pages, a greater exploration of causes and consequences, and a inclusive global outlook With a portion of its content crowd sourced from McCandless s international following, Knowledge is Beautiful achieves a revolutionary and democratic look at the key issues from questions on history and politics, the facts of science, streams of literature, and much .This is a project that will truly push the boundaries of books everywhere, providing insights into our world in a way never seen before.

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      David McCandless Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Knowledge is Beautiful book, this is one of the most wanted David McCandless author readers around the world.

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    • This is a beautiful and fascinating work of data visualizations. I became interested in this book after seeing David McCandless speak at a conference, and some of the visuals he showed in his presentation were included here. McCandless is a British journalist who specializes in "data viz," which means he takes large amounts of information and figures out how to design it in a meaningful way. The resulting artwork often makes the data more compelling and easier to comprehend. Some of my favorite [...]

    • The human mind is curious, often in a peck-around-the-bushes, magpie sort of way. This book of facts and statistics is perfect for magpies - packed with lots of delectable dollops of information. You have to admire the scope of McCandless's analyses - he brings all sorts of unexpected topics into this book, and this really adds to the pleasure.Now for the downside A lot of the text was much too small and much too light. In the end I read it with a magnifying glass beside me, but sometimes, even [...]

    • This is the second of McCandless’s infographics book that I have read now, and this one is as spectacular as the first. They are a vast depositary of data and information that he has reformed into easy to read and simple to understand layouts. The range of subjects covered is vast, there are graphics on everything from the amount spent of drugs to oil, personal transport to movie plots, antibiotics to plant varieties.There are fascinating comparisons on numerous subjects between the four large [...]

    • A few brilliant graphics that prove the wonders of the form, alongside some very mediocre ones.McCandless argues in the foreword that Knowledge is one step beyond Information - you get the former once you've properly processed the latter. But in so many of his graphics, "knowledge" looks a lot more like mere opinion. Instead of demonstrating the radical originality of the post-modern movement, as he did in his first book, he instead reveals its dark underbelly - i.e indulging and advertising lif [...]

    • there are some pretty graphics in this book and if you are willing to seek out the tiny, greyscale print you MAY be able to decipher what it means. I thought a great deal of McCandless's rankings were based on subjective information that was not spelled out. I found charts with aspects, like colors or shapes that did not appear to be defined. I thought the scope as well as the details of the information reflected definite bias. It should not be this hard to extract meaning from an infographic, i [...]

    • Lots of graphs and interesting information. Give yourself time to absorb the information on the page

    • Pro: Many beautiful visualizations, colors and icons. Several infographics with a lot of depths, with lots of goodness to explore. Hours of fun!Con: Too many mistakes and inaccuracies, in a field where getting the details correct is so important! Some infographics feel biased, or the conclusions are drawn too quickly. And oh, I hate the title font. Sorry :-(

    • These folks definitely favor the beautiful over the knowledge. I love me a good infographic, but half of these are inscrutable. The hallmark of bad design: the medium obscures the message.

    • This book does nothing to add value beyond browsing the informationisbeautiful website itself. Admittedly it's probably a mistake to consume data visualizations in a flat, static book rather than in their native online and interactive formats, but McCandless couldn't even be bothered to include any enlightening organization, commentary, or synthesis. It's literally just some printed-off posts from the website. As such, it feels like more of a cash grab/coffee table/mood book than anything else. [...]

    • An engaging book that demonstrates data visualization in a way that is unintimidating to those new to the topic. McCandless shows how huge amounts of information can be conveyed in visual images that are quickly taken in and processed. As a librarian, the topic of data visualization is quite popular right now. I am interested in learning more about using these techniques to help people organize and make use of the sea of data we are all treading in. My only complaint about this book is that the [...]

    • This book is gorgeous, but far too busy for me to retain a lot of the information. I do much better with words.My favorite graphs were: Movie Lens, Types of Meditation, Buddhism: States of Consciousness, Cash Crops: Most Lucrative, Divas (vocal range and octave chart), and Luckier Dip: Best. Episode. Evah?According to this book published in 2014, the highest above average episodes of The Office were (chronologically) The Injury, Casino Night, The Job, Dinner Party, Goodbye Toby, Stress Relief, B [...]

    • I preferred The Visual Miscellaneum -- this one seemed to have graphs and charts that were not always straight-forward to read or understand -- but this is fun too. I'm a bit skeptical of the use of to help create this -- at least verify the sources with other resources and then cite THOSE sources. Still -- this is a good book to read while eating snacks.

    • Great coffee table book. Filled with beautiful information visualizations. The issue with some of the examples shown in the book is that they look great, but say nothing. Some of them are hard to understand and pull information from, which goes against what information visualization is all about. It's a great book to grab inspiration from, but be critical on how it's presenting the data.

    • This is by far the most over-rated shit ever. The visualizations are not clear or well-explained. I got halfway through before I couldn't fight the urge to redesign them any longer. Fuck this book.

    • Diese und weitere Rezensionen findet ihr auf meinem Blog Anima Libri - BuchseeleRezensionsexemplar, zur Verfügung gestellt vom Verlag im Austausch für eine ehrliche Rezension ♥Super komplex, teilweise auch reichlich unübersichtlich, da recht klein und mit nicht immer allzu aussagekräftigen Legenden versehen - inhaltlich meiner Meinung nach auch nicht 100% korrekt. Sieht aber super aus, sehr hochwertig gemacht, komplett in Farbe und mit allem drum und dran, leider haben einige Grafiken durc [...]

    • Most of us have heard the term 'Death by Powerpoint'. In my experience this is due primarily to the amount of words that are packed into a slide as well as the amount of slides in the typical presentation. 'Knowledge is Beautiful' takes a different approach by illustrating information using graphical approaches such as graphs, images and abstract objects.I spent over an hour going through this book. Some pages take time to understand and absorb. Others have obvious meanings that jump off the pag [...]

    • This a statistician's "Garfield." It's not incredibly deep, but the visuals pull their weight and the information is interesting enough to keep you turning the page. I really don't know how someone gets into this sort of thing, but I'm glad McCandless did. There's a lot of British 'cheek' to some of the answers (one has to assume that the writer/artist has a bone to pick with the U.S.), but even so, as an American, I can see that a lot of what he's saying is true when the US vs. other countries [...]

    • Data visualizations of all sorts of things.Definitely a coffee-table book that you just flip through and read whatever happens to grab your attention, rather than something you read through.Provides sources, but generally pretty vaguely - eg. "".And there's a series of "Superpower Challenges" on various topics, where data is compared between China, EU, India, and USA, and a winner is declared. I found those pretty dubious. Examples - "Crime and Punishment": USA wins! because it has the most peop [...]

    • McCandless's book is both an inspiration and a warning. He and his team have created a huge array of infographics covering pretty much everything: society, media, the economy, trade, the environment, entertainment and science. Nearly all of them are beautiful, some are fascinatingly revealing, others are horribly complicated and impenetrable. Often the text is so small as to be unreadable. The designers have deliberately tried to test the absolute limit of infographic design. 'Knowledge is Beaut [...]

    • I waited to received this for three years, it was available for pre-ordering and was estimated to be coming out in a couple of months, every year I wondered if I should cancel the order, but I'm so glad I didn't I didn't. The information in this book is massively dense and beautifully illustrated, you can spend 15 minutes on just one page. It's a slimmer volume than its predecessor, but I would gladly pay the same price.I started using tags to mark the Pages to return to there is just so much to [...]

    • Inspiration für Designer und Knowledge Worker. Knowledge ist in der Tat schön, dafür liefert der Autor unzählige Hinweise. Nämlich mit Visualisierungen, die nicht nur ästhetisch schön sind, sondern auch gehaltvoll und informativ sind, die eine Botschaft haben, die einen Sinn und Zweck haben.Manche Visualisierungen allerdings machen den Eindruck, als hätte der Praktikant noch ein paar Seiten füllen müssen (z.B. der Supermacht-Vergleich

    • A gorgeous collection of data visualizations, much like Data Points: Visualization That Means Something. This book doesn't go into detail about how the visualizations were generated, or the theory behind data visualizations - it's more a coffee table book of interesting data and presentation thereof.

    • The book is an interesting collection of informational charts, but I found that most of the data used seemed to be pretty simple and straight-forward. I would have preferred items of more complexity and variety. Still, I got some decent ideas from the material presented. I would have preferred some text about why visualization decisions were made the way they were rather than having to just figure out the charts.

    • I found this to be one of the best toilet books I have had:No plot, so I can shut the book when ever I want and next time I come back it doesn't matter if I forget it all already.Not much reading but big and clear pictures, so you can just let it lay in floor while you do your businesses.No boring.It's best offering was to deepen my sense of proportion of variety of things. I really recommend to get this one to yours toilet bookshelf.

    • I like books of infographics, and this is filled to the brim. It's hurt by the size: a lot of the graphics are displaying lots of data and tiny fonts or connecting lines make it hard to follow. It's also hurt by the multipage spreads that are thoughtlessly sliced in half by the binding.

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