They Don't Exist

They Don t Exist A young woman laughs it off when she s informed the room she s staying in for the night is haunted because ghosts don t exist Or do they

  • Title: They Don't Exist
  • Author: J.R. Leckman
  • ISBN: 2940011151606
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Nook
  • A young woman laughs it off when she s informed the room she s staying in for the night is haunted, because ghosts don t exist.Or do they

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    • J.R. Leckman

      The morning I was born, my father had just finished working the graveyard shift at a cemetery on Halloween night He was still in his zombie makeup That was my introduction to horror.My name is J.R Leckman Growing up, I found a ceaseless fascination with the written word One of my prized possessions is a trophy my parents got for me in kindergarten for Excellence in Reading At that time, it was the Hardy Boys who captivated my attention It was tough explaining to the other five and six year olds why my books had no pictures.I wrote my first book in Kindergarten It was a picture book with drawings of my favorite dinosaurs, their names typed out at the bottom With the mental prowess of a child, I included a blank page with the text No dinosaurs It was far funnier then.My first dream job was to be a paleontologist Then I wanted to be a fighter pilot When I was a little older, I asked my father a very strange question Who writes my books It had occurred to me at some point that the words that brought me such joy were not simply placed their by the school, God, or the government Books were not some mechanical thing, created when you turned a crank Rather, with my introduction to different genres, it occurred to me that the stories had to come from somewhere Authors That is the short version of my father s answer On this day, I learned that people just like me had to come up with these stories in the first place By the third grade, I was stealing titles from my father s bookshelf, disappointed in the lack of depth that my school s library provided It was this year that I found a book on his shelf that intrigued me On the cover, a man lay against a tree, obviously the worse for wear A beautiful woman sat over his slumped figure, her face lined in concern It was The Druid of Shannara by Terry Brooks It was my first fantasy novel, and it was amazing.I hungered for Over the years, I devoured fantasy, sci fi, thrillers, and everything else I can find But I remember that Terry Brooks was the first author I saw as a human being, a man who sat down one night and imagined the characters and places in his book I envied him.That was the first time I dreamed of being an author When it came time to write stories for class, I decided that horror would be my first stop Using a scene from The Creature from the Black Lagoon, I murdered my heroine three pages in Of course, I had learned by then that the devil was in the details, so I made sure to categorize the daft location and condition of every piece of her anatomy.This resulted in a brief conference involving my parents and a couple of school professionals.Understanding that I wasn t developing into a young sociopath, they suggested I avoid graphic detail in my stories from then on The few classes I had since then that involved creative writing were among my favorites, and my teachers often groaned when my thirty page stack of handwritten story doubled their workload I can also assume they experienced delight when I asked them every few hours if they had read my stories yet.I did very little writing starting in middle school Life wasn t necessarily kind to me, but it wasn t bad enough for a made for tv movie High school was a blur of laziness and apathy, one of the sole highlights being that I met the woman I would someday marry Several years later, I found myself working a mind numbing job with plenty of time to think.The stories were coming back.I had friends and coworkers read excerpts from them What little criticism I received was enough to encourage me As time passed, I quit my job to return to school As I learned how to manipulate the universe around me with numbers, the universes inside me began screaming for release.Now, here I am I am almost done with a physics degree I live in a nice house with a beautiful wife I want to write horror, fantasy, and science fiction I want to w

    777 thoughts on “They Don't Exist

    • Despite it only being 15 pages long, I didn't expect the ending for some reason. That doesn't mean it was too great though.

    • For a short story I thought It was really good, but they def could have made that into a longer book & could have been a really good story, but I like the story overall

    • I'm writing this review as I read this short story.Thr punctuation used leaves a bit to be desired. There are periods where semi-colons would be better, and there are commas where they aren't needed and do not make a stylistic difference. The begining paragraph talks too much about cars. Or at least it seems to, due to the punctuation. To me, it seems like the same point could be made in a much better way.The narrator confuses me. First, he doesn't want the woman to know the room is haunted. The [...]

    • I didn't like how the book was short. But it had nice details and suspicion. If the book where longer it would've been better. The main character was very hard headed and stuck up in a way. I think the main character made the book good because she wasn't curious like in most books. She really didn't care and it made her look brave. But in actuality she wasn't deep down she was scared but she didn't show it till the end of the book.

    • A quick short story, good for killing a few minutes. It had a fun-creepy feeling to it, like the Twilight Zone or Tales from the Crypt. (You knew it was coming, but you jumped anyway, right?)Nook freebie.

    • They Don't Exist is a prime example of why I am not a huge fan of short stories. Normally, I would still give a short story of a minimum of 3 stars, but this one was just really goofy and bounced around, to boot.

    • 3.5 stars. Nice little short story. The end was the only part I thought was kind've creepy. (view spoiler)[Plus, it's creepy to think of that guy living in the cabin the whole time and just watching everyone, haha (hide spoiler)]

    • Not bad at all for a free short story. Some issues with the editing, but other than that it kept me reading until the surprise at the end. It was entertaining!

    • This e-book was fairly good. However, I would have loved to see it expanded upon. I think that there is much more of the story that could be told.

    • This was a quick short story, but would have made a better long story. Just the right amount of spookienes for me.

    • I think stories like this make you understand when someone says fear consumes them. Not fast, but slowly walking you in. That's what happened to her, with a great ending.

    • the ending was the best part! *shiver* A fun quick story. there were some editing problems, but over all a great story.

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