By Way of Deception: The Making of a Mossad Officer

By Way of Deception The Making of a Mossad Officer The NY Times bestseller the Israeli foreign intelligence agency Mossad tried to ban By Way of Deception is the true story of an officer in Israel s most secret agency Author s ForwardPrologue Oper

  • Title: By Way of Deception: The Making of a Mossad Officer
  • Author: Victor Ostrovsky Claire Hoy
  • ISBN: 9780971759503
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Paperback
  • The 1 NY Times bestseller the Israeli foreign intelligence agency, Mossad, tried to ban By Way of Deception is the true story of an officer in Israel s most secret agency Author s ForwardPrologue Operation SphinxRecruitmentSchool DaysFreshmenSophosRookiesThe Belgian TableHairpieceHail FarewellStrellaCarlosExocetCheckmateHelping ArafatOnly in AmericaOperation MThe 1 NY Times bestseller the Israeli foreign intelligence agency, Mossad, tried to ban By Way of Deception is the true story of an officer in Israel s most secret agency Author s ForwardPrologue Operation SphinxRecruitmentSchool DaysFreshmenSophosRookiesThe Belgian TableHairpieceHail FarewellStrellaCarlosExocetCheckmateHelping ArafatOnly in AmericaOperation MosesHarbor InsuranceBeirutEpilogueAppendicesGlossary of TermsIndex

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    • Best Read [Victor Ostrovsky Claire Hoy] ↠ By Way of Deception: The Making of a Mossad Officer || [Christian Book] PDF ✓
      156 Victor Ostrovsky Claire Hoy
    • thumbnail Title: Best Read [Victor Ostrovsky Claire Hoy] ↠ By Way of Deception: The Making of a Mossad Officer || [Christian Book] PDF ✓
      Posted by:Victor Ostrovsky Claire Hoy
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    About “Victor Ostrovsky Claire Hoy

    • Victor Ostrovsky Claire Hoy

      Victor Ostrovsky Claire Hoy Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the By Way of Deception: The Making of a Mossad Officer book, this is one of the most wanted Victor Ostrovsky Claire Hoy author readers around the world.

    523 thoughts on “By Way of Deception: The Making of a Mossad Officer

    • 2.5 stars. Some parts of this book were really fascinating. I especially liked the recruiment/training section in the early part of the book together with the desciption of how the Mossad is organized. You could tell that these sections were certainly written by someone who knew what they were talking about. While the "operational" sections were also interesting, I found my enjoyment was hindered by my inability to be certain of the accuracy of the accounts in this section. Even so, it was still [...]

    • This book caused a stir on its publication and has largely been forgotten since, but it may never be surpassed as an exposé of a secret service.Israel's Mossad is regarded as the best in the world, which may not be a flattering remark when you discover what they get up to and how their dynamics work. Don't forget, this is not a democratic organisation and it is the creator of its own claustrophobic trappings. Once you enter you can never leave, but that is precisely what this writer did, and th [...]

    • This is a troubling book. By Way of Deception, told to Claire Hoy by former Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky, chronicles not only Ostrovsky’s four years in training as an agent for Israel’s elite intelligence agency, but also a variety of related activities occurring both within Israel and throughout the world. Form the picture he paints, it seems that many international crises of the 1970s and 80s involved the Mossad to a much greater extent than anyone – even the Israeli government – was [...]

    • My American editor gave it to me on my birthday because she thought being an Arab I might be interested to read it. I was a magazine journalist back then.I found Ostrovsky's book interesting, and an eye-opener. To be honest, I am surprised he lived to tell the tale. In many ways, this book inspired some of the background research for my thriller novel, Smokescreen, an espionage tale about Singapore's relationship with Israel. The author's title itself gave me ideas.Years later, I found myself wo [...]

    • In part this book is an autobiography of the author, for several years an officer in the Israeli Mossad, in part it is a history of that intelligence agency for the years of his participation in it, in part it is a critique of the Israeli governmental system which allows its primary intelligence arm to operate without civilian oversight and often contrary to the will of elected officials.That Ostrovsky was a Mossad officer is not in question. The government of Israel attempted to have this book [...]

    • Been a long time, I wanted to read this book. I read it finally. This is very nice book if you want to know the operations of Mossad from the viewpoint of an insider. The book also details various operations and the training done by Mossad. Mossad itself means 'Institute' in Hebrew. So, they got interesting training techniques. Some operations are really mind blowing. I don't want to post any spoilers. So, I stay away from details here. I liked the recruiting part and re-read it again. Simply ge [...]

    • The book is thrilling but to what extend it is true well I don't know. It is meant to be an insider account of the most reputed spy agency in the modern world, the author being an expelled cadet of the agency.Any experiment in the history of nation building will always be wrapped in colourful packaging of heritage, deeds of heroes from time immemorial, stories of valour, destiny and so on. So was the modern state of Israel. The book, while giving an interesting view of the life of a cadet in Mos [...]

    • One of the best I ever read, that explained a life I can't have the opportunity to be in it, & I admired the Mossad way of war that it is by deception not by bullet, I hope the Arabs had the same way of thinking in addition to their high spirits of Jihad

    • First part - good, insightful and educational.Second part - maybe interesting for people who actively followed global politics 30-40 years ago, for me, utterly boring.Five stars for "red pill factor". Societies need more knowledge like that to work more efficiently.

    • This book came out in 1990, and I've been sort of half-assedly planning on reading it ever since. Unfortunately, it was a huge disappointment. The main problem is that the author doesn't differentiate between his own experiences and things he's reporting from other sources; it becomes fairly obvious when you're reading it that most of the material is lifted -- whether from rumor, innuendo, scuttlebutt or legitimate reporting in other sources, I don't have the foggiest idea, because Ostrovsky's g [...]

    • For those who are interested in Mossad, its structure, the training of agents, the previous operations and the surrounding politics, this is an informative account of the foreign intelligency agency written by an ex Mossad officer. Many details emerge around the structure of the organisation, and the activities carried out by some sections. The author provides a detailed account of how agents are recuited and trained. Several operations are also mentioned at length, providing the reader with a c [...]

    • I found this book under my car seat after taking a bunch of books from the "Can Man's" apartment to Pennies for Change. It had fallen out of a torn bag and hidden itself apparently just for me and the trip to Asheville I was just about to take. Written in 1990 it was the inside story of the goings on, the machinations, of the Israeli Mossad. The author was a Mossad "katsa" or recruiting officer of which at that time there were only about 35 in the world. The book is a fascinating glimpse of the [...]

    • Written by an ex-Mossad 'katsa', this book details everything about Mossad. Starting from the hierarchy of Mossad to the intricate details of how Mossad officers are trained - in communications, intelligence gathering activities, conducting operations and hiring recruits. The author got 'burned' during one of the operations and therefore provides details of the operations that Mossad had conducted in the past, details of which he could gather during his training from the Mossad computer at the M [...]

    • The personal experiences Ostrovsky relates seem implausible. My general impression is that he seems bitter about being kicked out after failing to complete his first real mission satisfactorily. It's likely that he actually was a Mossad katsa but that he just wasn't that great at it. I don't buy the idea that he met someone in a bar who was willing to spill his guts about a PLO operation, warned his bosses, and they just ignored him. Maybe it happened but it's not very likely. He seems to trace [...]

    • "By way of Deception you shall make war."This is the allegedly true story of a former Mossad Agent. It is packed with very interesting information. There are inside accounts of how the Mossad goes about recruiting and getting intelligence. It shows a highly effective government agency and casts a lot of criticism on their actions and motivations. This book is very critical of the Mossad and Victor Ostrovsky is considered a criminal in Israel.This book is very interesting, it was amusing to read. [...]

    • It's hard to avoid the suspicion that this book was at least partially written with the motive of revenge in mind. Victor Ostrovsky claims to have been a katsa (a case officer in the Mossad) who was run out of Israeli intelligence because he ran afoul of the wrong people, and it is very clear, at the least, that he still nurses a powerful grudge. Depending on who you ask, Ostrovsky is either dead on, or a self-aggrandizing jerk who wasn't all that important to the Mossad and made a bunch of stuf [...]

    • great read, i found the evolution of a recruit to case officer fascinating as well as the technical aspects and breakdown of an organization that has very little known about it to be educational. Although it would be sufficient to assume that after a book such as this is printed major internal changes must have taken place within such an organization. But as most conspirators state Mossad may have planted the entire thing, which there is always a chance of. Nevertheless I found the authors viewp [...]

    • The insider info on the Mossad was really interesting. He also tells about Jewish attitudes of themselves and Arabs which explains quite a bit in the wider conflictThe details were amazing- For example, I couldn't believe we are supposed to be friends and in 1982 when our Marine barracks were bombed in Beiruit, they didn't give us a heads up, but went on full alert themselves.There's tons more like that. Makes you wonder why we have such a friendly relationship and why we take their side in the [...]

    • I started reading this book late last year and only just managed to finish it. Whenever I took this book with me in public, people seemed to feel the need to stop me and tell me their thoughts on the Mossad. It seems like everyone has a strong opinion one way or another and while I appreciated this, I just wanted to read my book in peace. Eventually I put it down and started taking more neutral books out and about with me. Nevertheless, I did like this book. There are certain revelations which, [...]

    • Dunia intelijen selalu menakjubkan. Hampir setiap kejadian di satu negara tidak luput dari 'perbuatan' intelijen asing atau lokal, yang kadang mampu mengendalikan pemerintahan demi menjaga kepentingan negara dengan cara apapun, bahkan dengan cara yang sangat kotor. Buku ini ditulis berdasarkan kesaksian mantan agen Mossad (unit intelijen Israel; unit intelijen no.1 di dunia), yang sudah muak dengan cara kotor mossar menjalankan operasinya. Jadi semua yang ada di buku ini nyata. Walau secara manu [...]

    • Nothing surprising here but still interesting. You can't know how much is simply complaints from a disgruntled person who was fired or how much was an accurate portrayal. Probably a combination, of course.It took me much too long to realize the foibles and the internal politics of large organizations are very disappointing but it is the rarely different. The question is how counterproductive the condition is. That is likely one of the main reasons most people working in them do not like their jo [...]

    • Quite an interesting read. But the author's critique of the Mossad appears to be fueled by the hurt he still bears from his maltreatment by the agency. Also, in contrasting the Mossad and the CIA he appears to naively paint the CIA in a better light- every intelligence agency in the world is full of dark secrets. Because the primary job of every intelligence agency is to carry out the 'dirty' work no one else would do so that the rest of the population can live their 'normal' lives. One wonders [...]

    • Hard to like this book.While I found the recruiting and training parts of the book fascinating (and more than a little shocking and somewhat offputting), the book is poorly written.The motivation of the author is clearly revenge, despite his attempts as coming across as a righteous whistleblower. One must wonder if this book would ever have been written had he had an opportunity to climb upward in the hierarchy of power.And the disclosures of abuse of power? Duh. What else is new.

    • Sehr detaillierte Beschreibung des Innenlebens des Mossad. Speziell der Teil über die Rekrutierung und Ausbildung, die der Autor selbst erlebt hat, wirken sehr authentisch. Der zweite Teil, indem der Autor einzelne Operationen schildert, die er aus Akten und Erzählungen kennt wirkt genauso: wenig authentisch und insgesamt deutlich schwächer als der erste Teil. Trotzdem ein gutes und lesenswertes Buch, wenn man sich für Geheimdienste interessiert,

    • One of the best spy book ever written in the history of mankind. I am a huge fan of Jason Bourne series and I got to read about the _real_ Carlos! he was a real person upon which the Carlos character of Jason Bourne series was based out of. This isn't some yet another spy book, it is enthralling and keeps you hooked until you finish it, I finished it in less than 14 hours and that is still slow :D

    • Heavy reading indeed. Well, if you like spies stories than this should be on your shelf. It told us about MOSSAD, an intelligent agency from the Israel that being claimed as the most efficient and effective organization in spy area. Want to know the reason, you should find further information in this book. Written by the ex-agent of MOSSAD, delivered with quite formal language. Beware for you who didn't like formal expressions, finish it would requires a great deal of patience.

    • An interesting read into the making of a Mossad (the Israeli version of the CIA) officer. The Mossad was undoubtably embarrassed by it, even if it was a total fabrication, simply because it implicated them in some international incidents that they swore they had no part in and some that no one even suspected them of taking place in. I'll probably get rid of the book in some profitable way, because it's not that good a book but it was worth reading once.

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